California TOP 50 – 2015- Part ONE (50-41)

TOP 50 TNail001 YESCalifornia Coaster Kings rated many coasters, and although we’re usually not fans of listing/ranking rides or parks, we do create an annual California TOP 50! You might, and likely will, disagree, that’s totally fine! That’s what this TOP 50 is all about! Of the many rides in the state, we selected the 50 we think are best! Here are places 50-41 in the 2015 California TOP 50! 

We would like for you to understand that all rides in our TOP 50 went through our own rating/ranking system that created a TOP 50, the way we think the rides are ranked best! By the time the entire TOP 50 has been published, our minds may have changed, because with this much variety and top quality rides in CA, it’s insanely hard to get to a ranking. You might as well say that these 50 are the best rides in CA, no matter which ride will take first place! Other than that; here’s our TOP 50 Part ONE: 

  • 50 – Pirates of the Caribbean – Pirates of the Caribbean is an absolute classic, no doubt, and it holds up as one of the best dark ride experiences to this day. Many of the scenes retain a nostalgic value to long time visitors of the park, not to mention the seamless animatronics that set the standard in the industry. The experience is more than immersive and is the perfect example of Disney magic. It’s lack of thrilling elements deny a higher spot, but it has made this list due to it’s thematic strengths. (Pic: Disneyland Resort) pirates
  • 49 – Quicksilver Express – This Mine Train coaster is Morgan’s only Mine Train. Quicksilver Express takes riders through the trees and over the terrain of Gilroy Gardens in Gilroy! In addition to the already terrain interacting layout, the ride features two tunnels and mine theming!photo 1 (5)
  • 48 – Gold Rusher – The classic runaway mine-train! Six Flags Magic Mountain’s very first coaster might not live up to the standards of the modern record breakers that one can find in the park. But what does make it unique is the wide age range of riders! Everyone loves a ride on the Gold Rusher! Additionally, the coaster is a hidden gem in the forest, awesome use of terrain, and nice views of Superman and Full Throttle along the way!20131020_173107 (Large)
  • 47 – Demon – Starting its life as Turn of the Century without the double loop, this ride sure went through a lot to become the experience that it is today! With tunnels, waterfalls and 4 inversions, this classic arrow looper leaves riders light-headed after a somewhat rough, yet crazy fun, ride. The ride is an awesome classic that has a hard time living up to the modern coasters, but it sure is a great first-timer ride!20140726_142820 (Large)
  • 46 – Dare Devil Chaos Coaster – It’s marketing campaign may have thrown people off, as many didn’t see the awesome thrilling attraction that was coming to park for what it was, a thrill ride. The hang time on this ride is out of this world, especially entering and exiting the first and last inversions. The face to face seating makes riding with your friends very fun, and overall it’s a great addition to the park. image19 (Large)
  • 45 – Green Lantern: First Flight – Although many not like this ride as much and claim it be painful (some of our members included), there are others on the other side of the spectrum. Green Lantern: First Flight’s flipping aspect adds an unpredictability to ride, not to mention the fact that each drop is quite forceful and provides some strangely angled ejector airtime. It may be considered painful by many, but we’ve given it a spot on this list for its sheer force and unpredictability that others love.20140618_133232 (Large)
  • 44 – GhostRider – ‘The Best in The West’, nope, not anymore! Nonetheless it sure delivers a thrill like no other! With it’s amazing length this woodie seems to never return to the station! The only downside, your back might hurt once you return as this woodie bounces up and down and whips riders around as it travels over the turns and hills of the GhostRider!20140806_161106 (Large)
  • 43 – Boomerang/ Boomerang Coast to Coaster – Boomerang at KBF and SFDK are sharing this place though we prefer the Discovery Kingdom one because it’s smoother. Like most boomerangs, the thrills given are awesome as the ride combines drops, loops and decent speeds both backwards and forwards! 20130705_142930 (Large)
  • 42- Voyage to the Iron Reef – As a new attraction surfacing in 2015, Voyage to the Iron Reef certainly changed the park’s line-up. Fortunately, it actually shattered most people’s expectations, as it was a huge step up from Triotech’s last attraction. The HD 3D screens are very high quality and immersive, and the interactive shooting aspect is very fun as well. The practical sets blend well with the screens to create a great dark ride experience that should not be missed.DSC_0328 (Large)
  • 41 – Matterhorn – This original Disney coaster, at 56 years of age, features speedy turns and drops that bring fun for all ages. Watch out for the abominable snowman guarding the top of the mountain. This California classic is in the top 50 of many Southern Californians hearts, and on ours at number 41.20140603_142854 (Large)

Thanks for checking out the first part of the 2015 California TOP 50! The next 40 spots will be published in the next couple of weeks!

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