Universal Studios Hollywood Update – May 29th 2015

20150529_094500 (Large)We visited Universal Studios Hollywood again today. It was expected to be a quiet day, but at the first WaterWorld showing of the day, capacity was reached and people couldn’t find seats. It wasn’t that quiet after all. We’ve got some cool Wizarding World of Harry Potter things, Jurassic World, and other things around the park! 

The fountain near the Frankenstein Parking Structure has been refurbished and repainted and is running again! 20150529_085121 (Large)

The construction continues over at the entrance. 20150529_135617 (Large)20150529_122304 (Large)It’s quite a huge building. It may be a store that will be placed in there, that’s the latest we’ve heard. 20150529_170608 (Large)

Don’t forget to check out the three picture cars of Furious 7 at the Universal Plaza!20150529_170508 (Large)20150529_170522 (Large)

Let’s talk about Jurassic World. The Jurassic Park section of the Studio Tour has been updated with new Jurassic World props.20150529_093123 (Large)In addition, Chris Pratt now introduces the new movie on the screens in the Studio Tour trams, which is followed by a trailer of the movie. 20150529_093116 (Large)In the theme of Jurassic World, across from Jurassic Park River Adventure, Fandango was having some sort of art challenge. 20150529_165144 (Large)Where artists spray-painted a promotional wall for Jurassic World. 20150529_165220 (Large) In front of the AMC on CityWalk, the Jurassic World Globe vehicle from the movie is on display. As well as plenty of advertising for the new movie. 20150529_134711 (Large)

Wizarding World of Harry Potter should be open by this time of year in 2016, the Feature Presentation Store near the entrance is already selling souvenirs!20150529_085735 (Large)Let’s take a look inside. I took some time to stroll around the store, they have quite some exciting souvenirs! 20150529_085741 (Large)20150529_085745 (Large)20150529_085756 (Large)WANDS! 20150529_085810 (Large)20150529_085759 (Large)Getting to the actual Wizarding World of Harry Potter… Construction continues at a crazy speed. 20150529_112434 (Large)The bell-tower of the tallest building near the front of WWoHP is currently under construction. 20150529_122001 (Large)It’s just amazing looking inside the new world each visit, the crazy amount of detail, the many buildings, and then Hogwarts in the back. 20150529_135850 (Large)Speaking of Hogwarts, the rock walls have mostly been placed below the castle, and now the finer work has begun. 20150529_140109 (Large)The entire structure is surrounded with construction bays. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like once those are cleared and the castle is to be admired. 20150529_161955 (Large)

Last but not least… BRUCE has been replaced with a new BRUCE! The previous shark is stored next to Stage 50 (Earthquake), near the side the tram exits the stage. 20150529_094500 (Large)

That was all for today! Have you been on Twisted Colossus yet?

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