Giant San Diego Wheel or Observation Tower.

skyspire-top_t540Exiting new proposals are coming in to the city of San Diego regarding new tourist experiences. Private investors around the county have been trying to add new attractions for decades, but with very little success. With the political gridlock now lifting from the county, these investors may have a chance at getting their projects approved.



(c) U.S. Thrill Rides

Six investing teams spoke in front of the San Diego Unified Port District recently for a chance to get their projects moving. The projects proposed ranged from a brand new observation wheel much like The Orlando Eye, or a “SkySpire”, a never seen before attraction built by US Thrill rides.


(c) U.S. Thrill Rides

One major proposal, The SkySpire (pictured above), would be built right on the side of the bay just south of the SeaPort Village area. The tower itself would cost at least 40 million dollars to build and would rise at least 250 feet into the sky (adjustable based on Port Authorities say). The tower would be topped by a restaurant complete with a 360 degree view. Customers would take the trip twice around the tower via a double helix rail carrying gondolas capable of holding ten people each. A large elevator would be used to take customers to the restaurant.


(c) San Diego Skywheel at Discovery Point

Another proposal came from Chance American Wheels, SeaWorld, and Allegis Development. It would be a large 400 foot tall observation wheel built on G Street in Downtown, replacing the parking lot for the Fish Market. It would include a new three level 420 space parking structure with a 30,000 square foot pavilion on the upper floors. The entire venue would be operated by SeaWorld. Each Gondola would be fitted with digital lighting and the pavilion would host local exhibits form museums around the county to show off San Diego’s history. Complete with 30 gondolas (holding 25 riders each), the wheel could complete a revolution about every 30 minutes.


(c) San Diego Unified Port District.

Unfortunately, these projects have received heavy opposition from citizens of the county, with around 62% (U.T. San Diego) saying that San Diego didn’t need these attractions. None of these would begin, or even be considered until the Port finishes with its four year planned renovation of Harbor Drive. They would also be completely funded by private sources, with no financial help coming from the city. Thanks for reading, and make sure to check back regularly for any new updates on this story. We are hoping for these projects to be approved, but what do you think? Let us know below!Sky_Views_Wheel_-_Broadway_Pier_v2_r620x349

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