Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 21st-22nd 2015

Though it’s off-season for Six Flags Magic Mountain, there’s not very much change from week to week, besides Twisted Colossus and Scream! of course! However, after several readers asked me for a quick update anyway, I went ahead and put one together. Note I was at Six Flags Magic Mountain on both Saturday (21st) and Sunday (22nd).

X2 is still missing the cover of the end third of the block/station. Additional X2 news; the operators seem to have this new way of getting the trains out faster. They put the restraints ready to lock as soon as the gates have opened, so that people can close their restraints as soon as they sit down. It leads to several complications, as unloading takes longer than any coaster, but overall, the trains are being dispatched much quicker! 20150207_184525 (Large) Apocalypse is still down to one train, not much progress has been made on the train in refurbishment, so I expect it to run train for a few more weeks. Created some crazy lines Sunday, where they even used the first set of switchbacks, which I haven’t seen filled in years! After all rough rides on it, I rode it in the rain Sunday, and had quite an amazing spin on it. Sadly the fire didn’t work. Knowing Apocalypse, this will be back soon. It’s rare for the fire effects to be turned off on Apocalypse. 20150221_143948 (Large) Batman: The Ride is also down to one train still. Pretty surprising knowing that the trains returned a while ago. Nonetheless, the Magic Mountain trains are the best after all. I had an incredibly fast, yet butter smooth ride on it this weekend. 20150214_130500 (Large) Ninja is still running two trains. This time I made sure to wait for the refurbished train. That has been refurbished in every way possible, after years of not being used. It was like experiencing Ninja in a new train, incredibly smooth. Though it’s definitely not that popular anymore, it’s still one of my favorites. I will ALWAYS smile when swinging around on Ninja. Always. 20150221_144014 (Large) 20150214_131642 (Large) Well, it sure is off-season in Bugs Bunny World and Whistlestop Park too. The train-ride in Whistlestop Park is closed for maintenance. And Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers is missing the lead-car. 20150221_140837 (Large) I believe Road Runner was running on Saturday. Though Sunday it was closed. The trains were on the track, so we’ll see whether or not it will undergo a quick refurbishment this week or the next, or perhaps it was just closed for the day. 20150214_130018 (Large) I have seriously no clue what the bathroom hand-rails are for. (Bathroom in between Gold Rusher and Scrambler, across from The Riddler’s Revenge). Perhaps for busy summer days? Not to point out one sex in particular, but the hand-rails are on the side of the women’s restrooms, and I’ve seen crazy lines for the women’s bathrooms at Six Flags Magic Mountain before. 20150221_143559 (Large) The fence we touched on last week, is not a construction wall, rather a new wooden fence/wall for the Tidal Wave line. My guess is this ol’ Intamin water ride is sticking around for at least one more season! On a sort of related note, I’m always amazed to see about 10-15 Tidal Wave boats laying around the park (mostly in storage areas, or next to the ride), though the most boats I’ve seen on it is 3, and recent years only 2. I wonder what the reason was to get so many boats over the years. 20150221_143443 (Large) 20150221_143447 (Large) The Flashpass Sales Center has received a big Flash cut-out. Look’s pretty cool. Flash Pass FLASH (Large) Oh Look! It’s Scream!’s amazing repaint! 20150221_134426 (Large) WHAT?!? That High Five looks amazing. (Quick Tip; Ride Goliath, the view of the High Five is spectacular). 20150221_134630 (Large)For our full Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update from the same days, click here!

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