Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update – February 21st 2015

It’s only been 5 days since our Backstage Tour of Twisted Colossus and Scream!, and already there’s more than enough to update on!

– Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you! –

Let’s cut the action immediately! The amazing-looking, crazy TWISTED High Five element has been placed! 20150221_134617 (Large) It looks absolutely amazing, twisty, and action packed. I’m still flabbergasted how the old structure is supporting the insane amounts of steel used on top of the structure. 😀20150221_134630 (Large) Notice the new metal tops of the structure that have been placed. They will be the approach to the green double down, and the blue dive underneath it. 20150221_134643 (Large) It’s very low compared to the old Colossus, actually, the High Five element is only located a few feet above the original third turnaround!20150221_135045 (Large)All this track that’s laying around (AND YES, IT’S A LOT!), is to go up for the green double down and the blue dive/drop. 20150221_134657 (Large) 20150221_134707 (Large) Blue drop track… It will be insanely interesting to see the Top Gun go up! That will be a crazy sight!20150221_134721 (Large) It’s hard to get a good shot of the High Five from the side of the ride. But if you look good, and ignore the annoying sun glare (it was hazy out, combine that with the Cali sun, and your pictures look like this 🙁 )20150221_134826 (Large) Hidden behind Hurricane Harbor. 20150221_134926 (Large) It will sure look spectacular from Hurricane Harbor. Always loved seeing the old Colossus from HH, will be very exciting to see Twisted Colossus race by every couple of seconds! 20150221_134949 (Large) The parking lot, that used to be in the shadow of the old Colossus and faded Scream! Is starting to look like an exciting beginning of guests’ days! The bright colors of Scream and the spectacular maneuvers of world’s longest Hybrid Coaster really represent the future of the park very well. 20150221_134751 (Large) Look it’s Scream! 20150221_134429 (Large) Looking all fresh! The supports of the drop are currently being painted. 20150221_134426 (Large) Some of the loop’s supports have been painted now too. 20150221_134422 (Large) 20150221_134130 (Large) The Interlocking Corkscrews have been completely painted, both supports and track! Looking better than ever before! 20150221_134121 (Large) 20150221_134054 (Large) The drop after the MCBR and the entire helix have been painted. 20150221_134049 (Large) The Zero-G-Roll has also been painted entirely. 20150221_133939 (Large)Here’s a better look of the Zero-G-Roll and the Reversed Immelman/Dive that are almost completely repainted!20150221_143245 (Large)

This was it for today. Enough change from Monday to conclude that construction and painting is progressing insanely rapidly! Exciting to see! The Screampunk District, with Scream! (or whatever it reopens as) and Twisted Colossus, is opening this Spring!

For our Twisted Colossus and Scream! Backstage Tour from earlier this week can be read here!

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  1. Agree with you Alain. The queue and boarding area look a bit cheap. Then, the first part of the ride is well thmeed and is fun. However, the second, thrilling part of the ride is not thmeed at all, just 30 seconds of riding through the darkness with those cheap lights that have to look like bubbles. Furthermore, the ride is a bit short, especially considering the long time people wait to get in.Hope they will someday improve this ride by creating a larger queue area, preferably indoor since most of the time Paris is quite cold. Hopefully, they will upgrade the second part of the ride, can image some tight tunnels with cooler bubble effects and possibly some fishes passing by quite fast. Preferably they could extend the ride a bit, with a small thmeed part at the end, so the rides takes a bit longer than the 1.30minute it takes currently.Would probably be a satisfying upgrade, since they know that people currently already like it!

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