Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update – February 28th 2015

20150228_130604 (Large)Another week has passed, and though the Twisted Colossus process made may not look as much, the construction of the world’s longest Hybrid Coaster is still progressing rapidly. The Scream! repaint, which is entirely done by hand, is almost completed. Let’s get to the update!


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Let’s start off with Twisted Colossus! There hasn’t been a whole lot of change on this side of the structure. Though there’s a crane ready to go. So I expect that they’ll soon start working on this side of the structure again.20150228_130757 (Large) I spy… Insanely awesome High Five element…20150228_130844 (Large) Lots of wood is stored next to the structure. 20150228_130909 (Large) The wood will likely surround the blue drop (after the High Five), since they have to place the track before adding the wood for the green double-down, that will cross over the blue drop. 20150228_130911 (Large) There’s also a whole lot of track stored, ready to go! Expect the blue drop and green double down to be placed in the next week or two. 20150228_130927 (Large) 20150228_130940 (Large) 20150228_131006 (Large) Notice the height difference between the blue and green track as they will approach their drop/double-down. 20150228_130956 (Large) That ejector-time on the blue drop, I can already feel it.20150228_131018 (Large) Notice how the blue drop disappears into the wooden structure. There will be more wood added to the structure when the drop has been placed. Then the green track will go up.20150228_131056 (Large) 20150228_131118 (Large) HIGH FIVE! (And… new supporting wood on the blue side of the High Five!).20150228_131224 (Large) So pretty! How it flows out of the High Five to the next elements, this is some Twisted looking RMC work! If you look good, notice the new extra wooden supports that support the blue side of the High Five. 20150228_131246 (Large)20150228_131333 (Large) All opened/opening as record breakers. Locals underestimate the significance of the park sometimes. 20150228_131027 (Large) The demolition of the old Colossus County Fair has started. The transformation to the Screampunk District is going on right now! The park placed fences in front of the decorated wall. Employees are no longer allowed to enter the area, as it’s now a construction zone. 20150228_134211 (Large) Peeking over the wall, we can see that bright, popping, repaint on Scream!20150228_134214 (Large)Paint work continues this Saturday, even though I haven’t seen the RMC crews around today myself, they were working on Twisted Colossus before I arrived. 20150228_130354 (Large) Pretty much from any angle, Scream! looks near completely repainted!20150228_130556 (Large) The chain return is not completely repainted yet. 20150228_130310 (Large) But the rest of the lift-hill track and supports are nearly finished!20150228_130348 (Large) The element that hasn’t been touched ’til a couple of days ago, the Cobra Roll is currently being painted. By hand of course. It’s mostly primer that is on the supports. The track on top of the element has been completed, the bottom 20% of the track is still the original colors. 20150228_130344 (Large) Some more pictures of the Drop, Loop, Dive/Reversed Immelman, and the Zero-G-Roll.20150228_130642 (Large) 20150228_130718 (Large) The colors really pop, and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with the station, though the trains will most likely be the original colors. Which is odd, and doesn’t really sound like it’ll look good. So hopefully they’ll decide on changing that sometime. Two of the three trains are still on the storage tracks, so besides the repaint, Scream!’s yet to undergo other changes/ refurbishments.20150228_130604 (Large)

Scream will not change its name, and Twisted Colossus is considered a ‘Moderate Thrill’ on the new Park Map! For an in-depth analysis of the new map, and its changes, (and a downloadable version of the 2015 map), click here! SFMM2015p1 SFMM2015p2

Thank you very much for checking out this Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update! Make sure to check out our recent backstage tour of Twisted Colossus and Scream! here. We’ll have the general Six Flags Magic Mountain Update posted later, so make sure to check back!

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