Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 28th 2015

20150221_144014 (Large)It’s a busy off-season, though most of the work is of course being done over at Twisted Colossus and Scream!. Nonetheless, I’ll be providing short Six Flags Magic Mountain Updates for our audience, which are separate from our longer, more elaborate, Twisted Colossus and Scream! Updates. Here’s this weekend’s update! 

Surprisingly… Jet Stream stopped leaking for the most part. There’s a few spots near this area where water’s dripping, but it sure wasn’t the rain-simulator I’ve seen before. With Jet Stream, it comes and goes, really. 20150228_135120 (Large)20150228_135124 (Large)Wow, from small ads all over the place, to a large macaroni statue. I heard these have also been spotted at Cedar Fair parks (Cedar Point and Kings Island), so CP Fanboys, calm yourselves before yelling this is a typical Six Flags thing. 😛20150228_133621 (Large)These screens hanging over the Colossus County Fair Games section have been gone for a while, I hope they’ll get replaced soon, the Cali sun can be brutal, and it looks quite odd without them. 20150228_134404 (Large)The Xtreme Zone is still awaiting its new/refurbished sign. 20150228_134802 (Large)Some new wood on Apocalypse. I’m not sure what kind of wood they use, but from all woodies I’ve seen, or been on, around the world, Apocalypse is the only one to have wood pieces of this color. (The new wood that is). 20150228_134852 (Large)The little Whistlestop Train is still undergoing its refurbishment, and remains closed. 20150228_133910 (Large)Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers has reopened, the lead-car was missing last week. 20150228_133707 (Large)After being closed last Sunday, for whatever reason, Road Runner Express continues to operate. 20150228_133815 (Large) The new wooden wall/fence in the Tidal Wave line is currently being painted. Mint-green the color is. 20150228_134445 (Large) Matching the medal fencing around the ride’s handicap entrance/ Flashpass entrance.20150228_134437 (Large) Work on the Screampunk District itself has officially started! Even employees are no longer to enter the area. More on this in our Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update!20150228_134211 (Large) Look at that HIGH FIVE!20150228_131224 (Large) Scream!’s Cobra Roll is currently being repainted. More on this, in the Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update!20150228_130344 (Large)For the huge Twisted Colossus and Scream! Update of the same day, please click here! For last week’s Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, with some more park-news and changes, click here!

The 2015 Park Map has arrived! Read more here!

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