The 5 Best Vertical Loops in California

20150409_193336 (Large)Ever since the first successful loop in the world premiered here in California, the vertical loop’s been among the most common inversions on coasters around the world. And in all honesty, who isn’t a fan of the Vertical Loop? There are all sorts of them out there. From those that rush through them at high speeds to those that leave riders hanging upside down! In the state of California, we’ve got quite a few loops, all are unique in their own way, let’s see what the 5 best are! 

5. Riddler’s Revenge.

The world’s tallest, fastest, and longest Stand-Up Coaster has 6 inversions, the most of any Stand-Up Coaster in the world. The first inversion on this crazy 4,370 ft long adventure, is a stunning 124 ft tall Vertical Loop! Riders rush into the inversion at 65 miles per hour, while standing up. For those of you that have experienced a Stand-Up Coaster, the forces are entirely different due to the position your body is in. In addition, this crazy Vertical Loop wraps around the ride’s lift-hill! Riddler’s Revenge is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain.20131103_151058 (Large)

4. Medusa.

Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the largest coaster in Northern California, features seven amazing inversions, but it’s Vertical Loop is certainly one to marvel at. At 128 ft tall it opened as the world’s tallest loop, is still one of the tallest in the world. The intense positive G’s at the entrance and exit to element combined with the floater-time at the top, makes it an amazing loop. Not to mention, the Floorless trains of the coaster result in your feet flying freely through the air the whole way through.20140427_170309 (Large)

3. Viper (First Loop).

Viper, the last remaining Arrow 7-Looper opened in 1990 with the world’s highest loop. Being elevated to invert riders on a 144 ft up in the sky, Viper’s first loop still remains to be the world’s highest elevated loop. Viper drops a 171 feet at 70 miles per hour before shooting up into the sky on an almost perfect slope right into the high elevated loop. The loop is tight, and not much bigger than any other Arrow coaster loops, but the approach to the loop, the view a 144 ft up, while inverted high above Six Flags Magic Mountain, makes this loop one of the best on earth!20140618_140341 (Large)

2. Montezooma’s Revenge/ Revolution.

Ah Schwarzkopf! (FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OUR THE5 SERIES, WE JUST SIMPLY HAD TO GIVE THESE TWO LEGENDS A PLACE ON THE LIST, A SHARED SPOT THAT IS) How could we not include examples from this legendary manufacturer, such as Revolution and Montzooma’s Revenge. The ‘perfect’ circle shape that these two loops have are the trademark of this company, rather than the more well known elliptical shape loop. The ‘perfect’ circle shape provides excellent positive forces. For Revolution, it is the first ever modern looping coaster it is a part of roller coaster history, and that loop still holds up today. From the shallow drop prior to build anticipation to the perfect forces it exerts, Revolution’s loop is still a masterpiece. Montezooma’s Revenge is no different, after exiting the launch, the train flies through the circular loop with plenty of speed and the respective positive g’s that come with it, and then falls back down a tower and does it once again backwards. These two coasters are a part of history that still hold up today, so they find themselves in the number two spot. (First picture is Montezooma’s Revenge, second is Revolution). MontyLoop (Large)20140514_124806 (Large)

1. Full Throttle.

Taking the number one spot is another Premier Rides coaster, and of course it’s Full Throttle’s record breaking 160 ft tall vertical loop. After being launched at 70 miles per hour, riders rise up into the loop and as they start to reach the top the train slows down… a lot. Riders are suspended upside down with only a lap-bar for – what feels like – forever, and one can’t help but wonder if they will ever come down. This is the utter definition of hang-time, not to mention the fact that you’re 160 ft in the air while upside down! Even if the experience alone wasn’t enough, this loop is also the only one to have riders travel on top, over it, on their way back to the station. Sometimes, record breakers are the best, and this loop is no exception, making it the number one Vertical Loop in California.20140524_195424 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this new list! (Yes, we realize there’s actually 6 coasters on this list 😛 ). What’s your favorite Vertical Loop, anywhere? Comment below!

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  1. Great list! Again. It’s hard to really pick a favorite, since there are so insanely many I like… Having said that, I’m personally a HUGE fan of Viper’s loop.

  2. Great list! The hang time on Full Throttle is absolutely insane, but my personal favorite is revolution. Gotta love Anton.

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