Disneyland Resort Update – May 3rd 2015

20150503_114827 (Large)I had a great time at Disneyland Resort, as usual, and there’s quite some things going on. From Captain EO’s departure, to the Fantasyland construction at the Disneyland Park. And from the remodeling of buildings to the refurbished Soarin’ over California at the Disney California Adventure Park. Check out the update! 

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Let’s start at Disney California Adventure park, where the sun took a while to make an appearance, so our DCA pics will be a bit darker 🙂 Screamin’ started off the day running three trains and one station, when I left DCA it was operating 4 trains, so presumably 2 stations.  20150503_100855 (Large)

Frozen Fun is nearing the end… It seems to have been really popular with families. I wouldn’t be surprised in anyway if Disneyland Resort would create a permanent Frozen attraction some time soon. Especially since Tokyo DisneySea is building a Frozen themed area. 20150503_102745 (Large) In case guests are confused as to where at DCA Frozen Fun is, don’t wonder, you can’t miss it, there’s signs for it all the way at Carthay Circle. 20150503_074005 (Large) Though, Mad-T Party is being reconstructed.20150503_102758 (Large)

In case you didn’t read our last Disneyland Resort Update, the Flying Tires attraction has closed. and a new replacing attraction will open in 2017.20150503_081655 (Large)

The building across from Little Mermaid’s Undersea Adventure is being remodeled. 20150503_084450 (Large) 20150503_095626 (Large)

But let’s get to the exciting remodeling of Condor Flats, which is slowly becoming Grizzly Peak Airfield! 20150503_073549 (Large) 20150503_073542 (Large) Smokejumpers Grill is the new name of the burger restaurant in the area. The restaurant’s been around since Condor Flats opened, under a different name. I personally like this place, so I decided to check it out now it’s Smokejumpers Grill. 20150503_073513 (Large) The theming inside has been slightly altered, like the giant parachute plastered to the wall above the entrance to the restaurant. 20150503_113036 (Large) And then of course all other signage kind of things, that relate to the rebranding of the restaurant as well as the area. 20150503_113041 (Large) LOOK! It’s Soarin’ over California! It’s green and looks pretty cool! The buildings around it have all been completely undergone their overhaul. They’re currently building a tower in front of Soarin’ Soarin’ over California is scheduled to reopen on May 14th. 20150503_104629 (Large)

YAY! Mr. Potato Head is fully functioning again. 20150503_085838 (Large)

Let’s move to Disneyland itself. Where Tomorrowland is one huge construction-zone that’s filled with a lot of current changes! First off, the exterior of Astro Blasters is undergoing a refurbishment. 20150503_114120 (Large) The ride remains open to the public. 20150503_114127 (Large)

Oh, if you loved Captain EO, you’re out of luck for now. Because the theater that shares the building with Space Mountain, is currently rethemed to the new 2016 Disney movie; Tomorrowland. (How fitting, this are of the park has the exact same name! 😛 )20150503_114247 (Large) The theater hosts a preview of the new movie! 20150503_114340 (Large) In addition, at the exit of Space Mountain, there’s a tiny museum, which is an ‘Exclusive Movie Exhibit’ of Tomorrowland. 20150503_121120 (Large)

Just wanted to state that Space Mountain was running very well, the crews were great, in fact when we rode it and it stated a 40 minute line, we we’re in a ‘rocket-ship’ in less than 15 minutes. Later when it said 55 minutes it took us about 25 minutes to board, and later at  night when it stated 40 minutes again, it took even less than 15 minutes. Really, kudos. 20150503_114827 (Large) Innoventions remains closed, and it’s yet to be stated when it’ll reopen, or what will happen to it. But… There’s some serious construction going on, which may be hard to see in the pic. Walls have been taken out, and it’s a clear construction zone inside. 20150503_191720 (Large)

Stepping away from Tomorrowland, there’s construction filled Fantasyland! 20150503_172113 (Large) Where Pinocchio remains open while the outside of the ride’s building is receiving a refurbishment.  20150503_172138 (Large) The buildings that have already been refurbished look fantastic, like Peter Pan. Peter Pan’s Flight is reopening in a couple of days, May 7th!20150503_172143 (Large)

Speaking of refurbishments and reopenings, Matterhorn’s refurbishment should be near-finished. The new lights inside the mountain looked great at night. Matterhorn is scheduled to reopen for your enjoyment on May 15th. 20150503_121513 (Large)

And last, but definitely not least, there’s the beautiful refurbished Sleeping Beauty Castle. The refurbishment of the backside of the castle has been finished now too. It looks just as pretty as the front! 😀20150503_172110 (Large) Oh look! It’s the front of the shiny Diamond Celebration castle!20150503_172004 (Large) And here it is, at night! 😀20150503_194555 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this new Disneyland Resort Update! We also just went on an amazing backstage tour of Twisted Colossus, which we recommend you check out here! Check out our brand new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update here! 


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