Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 2nd 2015

20150502_143638 (Large)This is quite an interesting Six Flags Magic Mountain Update… We’ve got some Twisted Colossus news, that wasn’t enough to create a separate update for. We’ve got some refurbishments, ride operations, upcoming events and much more!

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Let’s start off with Valencia Falls at the Six Flags Plaza. I’m glad to see it fully function again. Like before. 20150502_143638 (Large)

The park has started advertising for their Cinco De Mayo event.Which is TOMORROW.

 Join us Sunday May 3 for the fiesta with games, special offers, giveaways and more!

Fiesta Time. Join us for a Special Fiesta at 1PM with games, entertainment and giveaways.  Guests can participate in a variety of challenges that test your Cinco de Mayo skills and knowledge for a chance to win prizes! Each Theme Park will end the celebration with an Exclusive Ride Time Event.*  That’s right – we’re keeping select rides open AFTER the park closes on Cinco de Mayo for guests with a valid event wristband!  To participate, present your official Ortega® Cinco de Mayo voucher at the designated Event Table near the front entrance inside the park from 12pm – 3pm and receive an Event Wristband.  Print your voucher here! Already at the park?  Six Flags guests can also obtain an Event Wristband when they purchase any food item with Ortega® Nacho Cheese from designated food locations inside the park on May 3.* (Six Flags Website)

20150502_143622 (Large)

Michael Turco and his crew were working with the Full Throttle Nights crew, rehearsing for the show. The show returns this Memorial Day weekend! 20150502_143737 (Large) 20150502_143748 (Large)

I’m very curious when they’ll start opening up this My Furry Friends store again. It received updated signage a while back, but it’s literally never opened… 20150502_143911 (Large)

Speaking of things that aren’t open… Goliath remains closed. Though, the ride may open back up towards the end of the month. This of course, is subject to change!20150502_144107 (Large)

Another ride that we may see reopen soon, is Swashbuckler, that’s currently being put back together!  20150502_144123 (Large)

The park started advertising their Shopping Pass. It’s one of the first times since the introduction of the pass, that I’ve seen an ad for it. I’ve got no clue as to how popular the pass is. I personally haven’t invested in one, since I don’t buy that many souvenirs at the park. After my Dining Pass investment, I didn’t feel the need for another Season Pass add-on. 20150502_144218 (Large)

Hard to photograph, but the misters are turned on for the hot days at the Colossus County Fair midway games. 20150502_144349 (Large)

The Waterfront pool has been drained again. The huge Takis advertisement on the wall of the Action Theater/ Aftermath Maze has been taken away. 20150502_144625 (Large)

Still down to one train… it’s been down to one train for a long time. I really hope they get their operations back to normal soon. Especially since Superman and Ninja are currently running one train, and Goliath Scream! and Twisted Colossus aren’t open to the public currently. 20150502_145007 (Large)

Jet Stream’s repaint is still looking great, though it’s starting to leak again… Luckily not nearly as bad as it used to leak! 20150502_145128 (Large)

With crazy hot days like today in SoCal, Roaring Rapids’ line was about six times as long as X2’s line! X2 was only 15 minutes, but Roaring Rapids was 90! 20150502_145316 (Large)

After being closed for a few days due to technical difficulties, Tatsu is back open! 20150502_145323 (Large)

I can’t believe it. Simply can’t! I’ve been on X2 so insanely many times, especially this side of the station, and I just noticed that the ride’s advisement sign still has the X logo on it. It even states ‘X’ in the description! 20150502_180109 (Large)

Something I’ve noticed on all buses lately. The stickers on the windows are peeling off. Several looking very ugly. It’s the third season with these buses, and they’re absolutely great! I believe they deserve new looks. I’d love to see a Twisted Colossus one! 20150502_185055 (Large)

Speaking of Twisted Colossus… The GearWorks Theater received some new Steampunk theming on the outside. 20150502_144254 (Large)I never really got a good shot of the outward-banked turn. Hopefully these help! 😀20150502_142513 (Large) 20150502_142525 (Large)Now, though the track’s finished and the ride has started testing, there’s still quite some work to be done. In fact, if you look at the Top Gun Stall, there’s a net being installed in between the two tracks. 20150502_142639 (Large) I’m aware that I do not have a better up-close picture of that. But this image I took during the tour a couple of days ago, should give you an idea of where the net is located. The net prevents items ejected from the train on the blue track to hit the people on the train running on the green track. And it serves even more clearly for the items falling out of the train on the green track that can hit riders in the train on the blue track. Gotta love the intensity of this racing-esque RMC creation! 😀20150429_122806 (Large)

 Let’s talk Scream! The station has been repainted now! Like I stated in the tour report, the one train that’s currently being refurbished will receive a matching color scheme, the other trains will not ’til future refurbishments! 20150502_142452 (Large)

We captured Twisted Colossus testing, make sure to check out the video!

DON’T FORGET THE IMPORTANCE OF MAY 23rd!Scream! reopening pic001 (Large)TC Opening001 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain! We also just went on an amazing backstage tour of Twisted Colossus, which we recommend you check out here!

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14 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 2nd 2015”

  1. I’m aware of the lift-hill chain on Goliath being replaced, and hopefully the ride will reopen soon. I also wonder if nets will be installed in the area of Goliath’s first turnaround to protect Twisted Colossus below from falling objects.

    Other than TC looking good, Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England is looking good too. RMC did an outstanding job on these 2 coasters. Hopefully Georgia Cyclone and The Boss could be the next Six Flags wood coasters to receive RMC renovations.

    1. Hi Eric!

      I don’t think we’ll see nets underneath the turnaround of Goliath, since it was never used when regular Colossus was operating, especially considering that TC is a lot faster, and perhaps even less likelier to be subject to items falling down. Nonetheless, we’re in Cali, you never know what the state wants!

      And I must say I agree, both TC and WC are looking fantastic! A lot can be done with Boss, as it’s a huge amount of wood! The Georgia Cyclone on the other hand has a very complex layout, and looking at the space, it’s a lot harder to work with!

    1. Goliath is awaiting a new chain for its lift-hill, which may have arrived, but the ride’s not running yet. So the chain hasn’t been installed yet, entirely. I do not expect it to be open by May 14th.

  2. Planning to be there the 22nd – 25th of May, any word on if Goliath will be open then? If not i am changing my vacation to July, I cant imagine being there for 3 days and not riding Goliath, especially with the platinum flash pass.

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