Twisted Colossus Update – April 17th 2015

20150417_150147 (Large)The moment’s almost here! Twisted Colossus is literally feet from being completed. The Zero-G-Roll looks amazing, and of course so does the rest of the ride of course! We expect to see testing by the end of the month, and finally Magic seems to be able to pull off a Spring Opening again! Here’s the Twisted Colossus Update you don’t want to miss! 

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Coming from this side of the parking lot, I had to just stop and stare, it took me a while before I started to take pictures. That ride, looks… Incredible. 20150417_150051 (Large)Here’s the last turn-around and the outward-bank, etc. Completed already. Look at the blue track all the way towards the right of the structure, it’s banked outward, and should go through this element with a ton of speed! 😀20150417_150047 (Large) 20150417_150120 (Large) Double-Up! Like this ride doesn’t have air-time enough… There’s two Double-Ups! 20150417_150204 (Large) A better look of the turns after the Double-Ups. 20150417_150256 (Large) 20150417_150334 (Large) Wait… Is that the Zero-G-Roll under construction?! YES! 😀 More on that later. 20150417_150428 (Large)

Here’s the current state of the Double-Down and Dive underneath it. There were Rocky Mountain Construction crew members working on it. 20150417_150455 (Large)The track on the bottom of the blue drop is covered. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but since they’re entirely repainting the structure, I assume that’s what’s going on! 20150417_150537 (Large)

Just a quick note, now the ride’s becoming complete, it’s easier to see how large the elements are, look at the Top Gun Stall for example! 20150417_150251 (Large) 20150417_150330 (Large)

Back to the brand new inversion on the ride. The Zero-G-Roll! The green track has been completed entirely, and that little gap you see that’s track-less on the beginning of the Zero-G-Roll, that’s ALL THAT’S LEFT TO PLACE! 😀 – UPDATE: All track has been placed!20150417_150320 (Large) These pictures don’t even do the element justice, it looks so majestic in person! The roll’s a real beauty!  20150417_150242 (Large) From this angle, the roll is seriously amazing looking, too! 20150417_150128 (Large)

There’s still a lot of supporting structure to be placed surrounding the structure, even the track connectors and steel beams are yet to be completely added to the track pieces. 20150417_150147 (Large) Though I must say, I already love the look of this side of the ride, even with the big cranes and equipment in the way. Dang, finally after quite some year, the parking lot of Six Flags Magic Mountain gives a great fresh and exciting look at what’s awaiting inside the gates… With Scream!, Twisted Colossus, and the repainted Tornado!20150417_150432 (Large) 20150417_150520 (Large) One last sacred look at the new amazing element of the World’s Longest Hybrid Coaster… The Zero-G-Roll on Twisted Colossus! We expect testing to start towards the end of the month, perhaps the first week of May! 20150417_150223 (Large)

20150417_150634 (Large)To see the incredible change made in the past few days, check out our previous Twisted Colossus Update here. See the picture of Tornado, that’s the new paint scheme, the remaining paint from Scream! is used for Tornado at Hurricane Harbor. The new Six Flags Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor Update, is now LIVE! Check it out here. 😀

Thanks for checking out this new Twisted Colossus Update! We also just went LIVE with our Show Guide, which we recommend you check out!

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15 Replies to “Twisted Colossus Update – April 17th 2015”

  1. OMG!!! last week they had just finished the top gun stall, and now they’re finished with the whole ride. Amazing Progress!!!

    1. seems like a normal coaster project…last two-thirds of the project is done in the last third of the time 😛

  2. We can thank RMC for finishing early… there’s still a chance for it to get delayed because of SFMM (screampunk district) :/

    1. Scream punk district is already finished. The new stairs and all the paving has been placed! The outside of the theater has ben finished, but thats not even opening with the district. So, I expect a memorial day if not earlier opening

      1. I thought the concrete was just poured yesterday? The twisted wiches shop still need a lot of work, restrooms, the entire Scream! queue area, TC’s queue area, and whatever else. Wouldn’t be surprising if SFMM couldn’t take care of their part on time.

        1. The queue for twisted colossus has already been finished, they are working on twisted whiches as they build twisted colossus and scream is not getting a new queue line. So yeah, Still expect a memorial day if not earlier opening.

  3. I must say t.c look’s nice. but way to short. 30 sec. and back up lift hill. what’s so great about lift hill’s so sad.

      1. let’s not forget … TWO 81 degree drops on one ride cycle! I’m so stoked for that! Other than X2, none of the drops at SFMM really does it for me.

    1. I assume you are using the simulation video for a time count on the ride, in which case you must note that the simulation video is sped up so society, mostly people with short attention spans, can get wha the coaster is going to be like element wise rather than time wise.

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