Twisted Colossus Update – April 11th 2015

20150411_125812 (Large)LET’S GET TWISTED! Twisted Colossus is looking even prettier than it already did, with the spectacular Top Gun Stall completed. And, the Top Gun has an exciting ‘twist’ to it, which you’ll read about. In addition, chains have been placed, lights are installed, and more elements are currently being constructed! The Outward-bank and Zero-G-Roll are currently becoming reality on the World’s longest Hybrid Coaster!

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Here’s a quick overall shot to get us started!20150411_135019 (Large)And here we are, closer to the ride, next to the amazing looking Top Gun Stall! But more on that later. 20150411_125834 (Large) First some quick things, there’s some more supports surrounding the Double Down.20150411_125808 (Large) And on the other side of the structure, Rocky Mountain Construction is working on the blue Outward-bank, and the blue in-structure track that connects to the MCBR. 20150411_125404 (Large) It’s quite hard to see in the following picture, but half of the blue element has been placed already. 20150411_125458 (Large) 20150411_125529 (Large) Here’s a better view! Notice that the blue track inside the structure has been placed too! 20150411_125705 (Large)Here’s some more track that’s about to go up, and in the back ground we have tons of Zero-G-Roll preparations. 20150411_125526 (Large) 20150411_125542 (Large) The green track that will swipe by below the blue Zero-G-Roll has partially been placed already. Notice the lift hills towering over it, the chains have been placed, and the lights are working. So at night, the chain-lift is already lit up. 20150411_125624 (Large) 20150411_125539 (Large) And then there’s magic, love, world peace, and excitement. The Twisted Colossus Top Gun Stall. And with an exciting ‘twist’ that is! The Top Gun Stall enters and exits with the roll in opposite directions. Which means it doesn’t 360′ degree rotate, but just stalls a 180′ degrees, and then turns back the way it came from. Which is NOT what the renderings indicated, it’s even twistier! 20150411_125628 (Large) Let’s also take time to appreciate the nice curves of the beautiful blue track below it! Which will sure give riders some specialty RMC ejector, I feel. 20150411_125659 (Large) The tracks, though it may not look that way now, are very close to each other. Very close! Once the trains will both be going through this element simultaneously, there will be merely inches in between riders from each train. Spectacular. Beat that Wicked Cyclone. 😛20150411_125739 (Large) Ahh! One last shot to admire this beauty, and its amazing element. Six Flags Magic Mountain is ‘racing’ back to the top of the charts! 20150411_125812 (Large)

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