Disneyland Resort Update – April 11th 2015

image (32) (Large)That’s right, we’re back with more coverage from Disneyland Resort after only a few short days. The tremendous Spring Break crowds were, well… tremendous. This update includes all sorts of fun things from DLR 60, to Frozen fun and much more, so let’s do it!

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Let’s start at Disney’s California Adventure, the current home of Frozen Fun! They are really promoting this event with signs and banners all over the place, including at the tram station to enter the park.image (2) (Large)

There are also multiple signs throughout Cali Adventure including this rather awesome giant snowflake.image (Large)

Wow, they really want you to know about this event!image (1) (Large)

The event itself is actually very enjoyable regardless of your thoughts on the movie.image (6) (Large)

It includes multiple stages each with a unique form of entertainment. One of them is for ice sculpting, which was very popular. We must admit, it was very professional. Watching a sculpture masterfully whittle away at ice is a cool experience. Here’s the finished product.image (7) (Large) image (9) (Large)

The stage directly opposite it, Freeze the Night, had a DJ who was blasting some EDM (Electronic Dance Music) remixes of popular songs. It was interesting to see Disney have such a loud and bassy attraction, but we didn’t mind. :p The last stage had a DJ who played rather generic and less aggressive music, just to add balance. Both stages were drawing significant crowds.image (8) (Large)

On the subject of Frozen, Cali Adventure and Disneyland had several more things related to the film. These balloons were all over the park.image (13) (Large)

We also found these cookies in the store across from Splash Mountain. Man, this Olaf guy is really popular.photo (Large)

There was also a Frozen themed parade running through Main Street USA. The dubbing for the characters was actually pretty good, and was seemingly the actors from the film, not that we’re experts on the matter.image (5) (Large)

Moving on, California Screamin’ was running very well today with outstanding operations as always. That 2400 people per hour capacity really churns you through the line.image (11) (Large)

Mr. Potato head was at Toy Story Mania is down. They’re likely refurbishing it. World of Color is running it’s normal cycle, however many workers are out in the bay working on it during the day in order to create something special for DLR 60.photo (1) (Large)

Radiator Springs Racers had an 105 minute line throughout the day and ran out of Fastpasses at around noon.image (16) (Large)

Condor Flats is still closed for its transformation into Grizzly Peak Air Field. The whole midway in the area is closed off making it a bit difficult to access some areas of the park, including Grizzly River Run which has recently reopened. Just an observation, while riding, we seemed to get less wet overall, as did many other guests. Certain effects such as the leaking pipes during the lift hill were turned off.image (4) (Large)image (3) (Large)

Luigi’s Flying tires has been closed forever and is being replaced with a somewhat similar car ride.photo (2) (Large)

While in the Fastpass line for Tower of Terror, we received this card in order to estimate the approximate Fastpass wait time despite there being no such display on any ride. Interesting.image (10) (Large)

Now let’s move onto to Disneyland! The castle looks great with all of its intricate decorations for DLR 60, which starts May 20th. Time to start getting excited!image (18) (Large)

It really shines during the day in the sun, as well as at night from its own light package.image (20) (Large) image (32) (Large) image (17) (Large)

Matterhorn is still closed. Unfortunately we did not see any testing of the ride like we did earlier this week. Matterhorn is scheduled to reopen May 15th.image (15) (Large)

It has some cool posters up on the construction walls around the ride in which you can read about its history.image (23) (Large)

The nearby Fantasy Land area is also being extensively worked on. Peter Pan’s Flight is closed along with many building which have the classic Disney construction facades up. image (22) (Large)

Over in Tomorrowland, Innovations is closed. There are many rumors circulating the attraction’s future but nothing has been confirmed. There was a live band outside of the restaurant across from Innovations. They had quite a crowd and they were turned up pretty loud. They played mostly Rock with songs including Fire by Jimi Hendrix, and Paradise City by Guns n’ Roses. The singer was incredibly energetic, and the drummer was quite talented.image (30) (Large)

Space Mountain was down for a short period of time at around 11:00 pm, however it quickly reopened.image (12) (Large)

Over at Big Thunder, we received another one of the Fastpass wait time calculators.The ride itself was running pretty well. Due to the large crowds, they were squeezing in 3 people into quite a few rows.image (24) (Large)

Speaking of unusual operations, Pirates was running a huge amount of boats. So much so, even Disney ops couldn’t handle it! There was a line of around a dozen boats on the break run at any given time. It actually took away from the experience a little bit. Throughout the ride, we were constantly sandwiched by other boats.image (29) (Large)

Tom Sawyer Island closed at around 6:00 pm for the Fantasmic show. It’s actually quite an extensive process as the show doesn’t start for a few hours after the fact.image (25) (Large)

Splash Mountain’s camera was flashing however there was no available on-ride photo at any of the three possible locations.image (27) (Large) image (28) (Large)

Lastly, the park was holding the highly prestigious Anaheim Heritage Music Festival awards! Congratulations to Henry M. Gunn High School ( Directed by Todd Summers and Sandra Lewis) for the receiving of the honorable Instrumental Sweepstakes award!CGRats (Large)

Thanks for checking out this update! We’ll have more for you in the future, and don’t forget to check out our other recent DLR update, make sure to leave your comments below and have a great day!

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