Walibi Belgium Update – Two Worlds, One Family – July 2019

Sven: After a visit to Walibi Holland, we also went out to discover the new coaster in Walibi Belgium! It’s no Untamed, but Fun Pilot might as well be for non-thrillseekers. As part of it’s master plan, the ride stands out in the new Fun World area. Let’s play!

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Alright, as good theme park fans, we started at the back of the park. Basically we’re going to discuss all the latest additions in the last few years. In 2018, that was Exotic World with the new coaster Tiki-Waka! Even though the coaster doesn’t really stand out among the others of it’s type (take Van Helsing’s Factory for example who’s much better), the ride attracts a lot of guests. The queue is usually the longest of the park so if you want to get the credit, go there first!

The same applies for the new ride of 2016 and at the moment the best ride in the park for me: Pulsar. It always surprises me with it’s speed and thrill level.

This PowerSplash gives me headaches on where to categorize it as a ride. Sure I count it as a coaster, but it’s pretty much a water ride. And also a thrill ride…

In any case, the regular queue was 35 minutes which wasn’t that bad. Single Riders however had no people in line so we took that queue. With 0 wait time, we even boarded both in the same boat! So good that Walibi installed these queues!

Anyway, let’s continue and we’re at the “novelty” of 2013: Psyké Underground. Yeah, this classic Schwarzkopf has been hanging around for a lot longer, but then it got its transformation to the ride it is today. During this ride, I could clearly see the hidden monster in the looping! We sat front seat, which is fun but I prefer back seat for the airtime at the end.

Now, here’s one of the novelties of this year: Fun World!

So yes, basically it’s an upgrade of the existing children’s area of the park and as mentioned in our previous article, the goal was to incorporate it better into the main walkway of the park. How do you ask? Well, by a new coaster!

Special delivery! That’s what this new Kiddie Coaster is all about. Board the little airplane and get that mail at it’s destination!

The station looks very colorful and stands out, even from the other side of the lake.

This ride shows again how Walibi Belgium has a lot more to offer for the whole family compared to Walibi Holland. Now they also start aiming at families but with taller children. Here, all ages are welcome at the park.

Next to that, it shows off how Walibi invests in theming and experience. Fun Pilot has the theming it needs to have to appeal. Not really a story, but the message is clear.

Oh hey there Pulsar!

The rest of the area got a new look too! A renewed food stand and a colorful layover for the playground.

The Mad House, Palace of the Genie, got new colors too and is less hidden compared to before. Not my favorite among the ride type, but a nice to have. Especially when it’s raining. It’s really on the border between two worlds.

Cause yes the other new world, Karma World, looked stunning too. Some final details were added like these lampposts that give it that extra touch!

The Rapid River got a new entrance too. That way, the ride can be accessed a lot faster than before. Love the new logo too!

This area has become my favorite area of the park. Lots of details and a powerful line-up with a coaster, a water ride and a dark ride plus Delhi’cious food!

Speaking of the dark ride, I finally experienced the pirate’s scene in Popcorn Revenge! The ride looked stunning with all the curtains of the theatre working.

Did you know that you can find secret characters allover the ride? At the end of the game, you can find out which ones you found. Do you recognize the ones we found? (And yeah, we need to work on our game strategy…)

Karma World really shows the ambition of the park so we can’t wait for the other worlds to be developed to. (And some areas really need it!)

Let’s conclude with our Instagram question we posted during our visit. To RMC or not to RMC? Loup-Garou holds a special place in my heart. And it’s probably the most famous coaster in Belgium as it was the only woodie for years. A lovely layout but a bit rough sometimes. Still, is that enough of a reason to RMC it? After riding Untamed, I’d love to see a ride like that in Belgium. But not sure if I want to give Loup-Garou up. You guys were clear though, 80% said YES! We’ll see after the Mega Coaster what they will decide and how well Untamed is doing for the Dutch sister park.

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