Disneyland Paris – Marvel & Phantom Manor – June 2019

Sven: It’s hot in Europe and yet, we go out to the parks to enjoy the coasters and more. To celebrate my birthday, I recently went to Disneyland Paris! It was time to visit Henry Ravenswood again after a long refurbishment. Also, the Walt Disney Studios really looks like a construction zone with the new Marvel Land coming up. Lots of tips in this one, see let’s go!

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It was a beautiful day for sure, blue sky behind the wonderful Sleeping Beauty Castle. The park was open until 11 pm so lots of time to do almost all the rides. And yes we managed, even though it was pretty busy.

Start with Fastpass for Big Thunder Mountain and then go straight to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Pearl. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure coaster for me, love it.

In summer, Adventureland really looks stunning!

Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for refurbishment unfortunately, but we were ready to ride Big Thunder Mountain already. No smoke effects in the tunnel, but otherwise everything was working!

Up to the other side of the park where you can enjoy a little hack! As you probably know, you can only have one Fastpass for every time slot. Well, that’s not the case for Star Tours and Indiana Jones. So if we grabbed a Fastpass for Hyperspace Mountain and immediately took one for Star Tours. And yes, it worked! So as long as it lasts, go for it! Love Star Tours by the way, as it had scenes I had never seen before. Hyperspace ran great too!

Off to the Studios for some rides! Hello Captain Marvel!

And wow, what a construction zone! Armageddon is totally gone which leaves a huge empty lot. You can’t use the path behind Tower of Terror so you’re forced to use only one road towards Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster.

They are working on the new Spider-Man attraction which is on its way to Disney’s California Adventure as well. Finally a new ride again!

Along the way you pass by Restaurants des Stars which is looking awful. Not a lot of Disney vibe in the park at the moment…

Also next to Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, you really have a nice view on how big the construction zone really is.

Speaking of Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, we enjoyed our probably next to last ride on it. I’m really ready for the new overlay though cause Aerosmith isn’t making a lot of sense anymore.

So yeah, Marvel is on it’s way and Blockbuster Cafe is back open! It was one of the final days of the Marvel Season of Super Heroes! Honestly, you don’t notice that much except that there is the Marvel show and some extra meet ‘n’ greets. But as we saw it last year, we went to our favorite Disneyland Paris show of all time.

Yes, I’m talking about Mickey and the Magician. We were at the end of the queue but that way you can end up with one of the best spots. MasterCard holders can make reservations for special seats but once they need to sit everyone down, those seats get liberated for regular guests too! And a wonderful show it is!

Before we went back to Disneyland Park, we had a Single Rider ride on Ratatouille. They weren’t testing without the 3D glasses anymore and unfortunately, my ride wasn’t that great. The mouse did not move along with the screens so it’s a pretty weird ride experience then. Are you ready, Epcot?

Anyway, back to Disneyland Park where we went for a signature milkshake at Victoria’s! Behold their Nutella and Kinder Bueno milkshake! Love this place.

We sat down for a while and the parade passed by at the same time. Hey Mickey!

Simba smiled too, cause he wants you to go back for the Lion King and Jungle festival this summer. Get ready though cause they expect 6 to 7 hour queues for the new show in the renewed Chaparral Theater.

Ah Maleficent, don’t you just love this float?

Back in Frontierland, we loved the sunset on the mountain. This remains my favorite ride at Disneyland Park.

But another stunning ride in Thunder Mesa is of course Phantom Manor!

The entrance square now has the Fastpass queue which rumor has it that it will only be used for people who pay for it! That’s right, when Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster closes in September, you will be able to use this queue instead if you have a Super or Ultimate Fastpass.

Once inside, the new effects can immediately be noticed. I was pretty surprised by the effects already in the entrance hall!

Next up, the stretching room. Also here big changes and the new paintings look amazing!

Getting on board of the ride can now be done in one of the most stunning scenes. You can’t really capture it on this picture though, so you’ll have to ride.

There are a lot of new animatronics, mostly brides and Ravenswoods. Maybe a bit too much even that were added honestly. But besides that, the new lighting and refurbished animatronics look stunning!

That’s all for this time! We’ll return this summer for the Lion King and Jungle festival even though I expect it to be a very busy summer.

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