Lake Compounce

Alexander: Who’s ready for a visit to America’s oldest amusement park!? Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut was kind enough to host us on our visit – their hospitality is something we’ll never forget!

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171 Years! That’s how long Lake Compounce Amusement Park has been open!

Lake Compounce is a beautiful, unspoiled traditional park that feels like a miniature version of one of my absolute favorite parks: fellow Palace Entertainment park, Pittsburg’s Kennywood.

Since my last Compounce visit in 2013, the park has added the fabulous-looking Phobia, a Permier Rides Sky Rocket II. While the ride was down for unforeseen maintenance issues on our visit, there’s no denying that Phobia is an excellent fit for Lake Compounce.

Fortunately Zoomerang was open for us. We love a good Boomerang!

Boulder Dash was the main motivation for our visit (as is the case for many), and it did not disappoint! Truly one of the World’s best coasters!

The vintage Wildcat has undergone a major transformation since my last visit, including tons of track work and new Millennium Flyer trains from Great Coasters International.

I’m always hesitant to see modern rolling stock added to vintage wood coasters, but as was the case with Lagoon’s Roller Coaster, Millennium Flyers prove to be a great fit for this classic.

Lake Compounce gave us a CABANA for our visit, so with all credits procured we headed into Crocodile Cove water park to check it out.

Marketing reps for Lake Compounce gave us their favorite cabana in the park: one situated right on the lake!

The views can’t be beat. Can you see Boulder Dash tearing up the woods??

Compounce gave us lots of goodies to help make our day even more special!

Quick model shoot with Sean by the lake.

Train alert!

Here’s our crocodile pal who protects the cabanas!

More luxury cabanas are being added to Compounce for 2019, each with their own color theme!

At the back of Crocodile Cove is the larger of two wave pools; behind it – LOTS of construction! What could it be for??

Crocodile Cove features mostly traditional inner tube and body slides, but they do feature a modern ProSlide KrakenRacer!

Crocodile Cove is home to over a dozen bright, colorful slides!

There’s lots of play areas too, including this pirate themed one!

Back in the dry side of the park, we stopped to admire Compounce’s historical marker.

Fun Fact: You can tell this is a first-gen Zierer Wave Swinger because it was originally built with the operator booth in the center of the ride!

The park has a cute kiddie coaster. Sadly adults cannot ride without children.

Alright, back for more Boulder Dash! This ride feels a lot closer to what we had hoped for from sibling coaster Shivering Timbers at Michigan’s Adventure the week before. Despite its incredible size, Boulder Dash is beautifully maintained and runs like a dream!

We took the trolley to the far side of the park to get some more views.

Crocodile Cove sure has some great curb appeal from across the lake!

The park has a nice looking Hopkins rapids ride, but its a bit isolated all the way out there. Hopefully the park will continue to expand with more rides in this direction!

Time to head back to the cabana for a bit to relax!

The views of Boulder Dash from here just can’t be beat! I could watch it all day!

It sure is a beautiful day in New England today!

We wish we could stay longer, but we’ve got a flight to catch in Boston! 

Time to head out! Thank you Lake Compounce for being such great hosts, and for being such an outstanding park in general. Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for the future!

Thank you for joining us to Lake Compounce! We’ve got a TON of new reports coming up and already live, here are some to check out:

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