What Makes Kings Island So Great? – Trip Report

Sean: Kings Island is one of our favorite Cedar Fair parks, even though we adore most parks in the chain. The atmosphere and landscaping are on-point! Let’s take a look at what makes Kings Island so great, even after the departure of Firehawk!

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First thing we went to? Invertigo of course. Not Firehawk is gone, this is a Vekoma coaster treasure even more!

Kings Island’s Invertigo now runs the trains that came from Dorney Park’s Stinger!

The ride runs particularly well with these trains and again secured a spot in our Top 3 at the park.

Powerful, smooth, exciting and a very cool seating configurations!

I can’t decide if I prefer starting my ride going up the first lift forward or backwards, however, I do know the front and back seats have amazing views!

It’s also exciting that the audience loves the ride, it hosted a healthy line when we got to the ride first!

Unlike most parks in the Cedar Fair chain, I do believe Kings Island’s strengths  are best showcased by the park’s more classic attractions such as the Arrow, older woodies, and Vekoma coasters.

Alright Invertigo, we’ll be back for plenty of rerides, time to check out more of our favorites!

Next up: The Bat! The coaster with a hike of a queue that is 100% worth it! Always impressed by this ride’s pacing and amazing swinging!

The coaster’s color scheme also pops, something that Kings Island rides generally do very well. Does this ride make us like Kings Island even more? You bet ya!

After also riding Banshee (ran better than usual) and Adventure Express, another personal favorite, we headed over to the Arrow looper! Long time readers should not be surprised that one of our very favorite coasters in the park is Vortex! The park’s classic Arrow looping coaster with intensely elevated corkscrews.

The coaster is so classic but also has a very unique layout, and is quite different from later Arrow mega loopers.

Besides Vortex‘ amazing character that is so amazing on ride, it also looks particularly stunning off-ride.

I also appreciate the fact that after the ride’s final inversion there is a wonderful mine-train lever helix!

Another thing Vortex has that the later mega loopers from Arrow don’t is the first drop that doesn’t turn, and having several turns and curves before hitting the first inversions!

Drop into Page 2 for the 2nd half of this report and some awesome Kings Island pictures!

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