What Makes Kings Island So Great? – Trip Report

Is Vortex slightly rough and do I understand that some people don’t enjoy the ride, yes.

But look at this gorgeous ride! It’s so elegant and beautiful! It’s an icon that I will continue to ride no matter how it happens to be running.


Our attempt at an artsy Vortex shot.

The ride’s presence throughout the park is awesome, it’s funny seeing it next to Diamonback, the park’s current star steel coaster towering over the park.

Goodbye Vortex! Can’t wait for some night rides later!

Also sharing this beautiful picture of WindSeeker operating, a refreshing sight after our Cedar Point visit.

Interestingly enough this year the X-Base marquee has been taken out, presumably since with Firehawk‘s departure the need for an area has left as well. Now all you need is just an entrance to Flight of Fear, that did happen to run pretty well. Still sad to see the remains of Firehawk 🙁  – I also finally got my 2nd side of Racer, which was closed on our last visit.

Though I am not the biggest Mystic Timbers fan, we gave it another shot! It was better than I remember though I definitely still prefer the twistier GCI layouts as seen on for example Gold Striker and Thunderhead!

We are also of the opinion that this park’s B&Ms are not the coasters that make the park so great. Having said that I did enjoy my rides on Diamondback this time around, though there is still a small rattle.

I do love the theme of this hyper coaster, and the layout isn’t half bad either! Let’s see how that Giga turns out…

Night was upon us and we crammed in some more rides on our favorites in anticipation of riding Beast in the dark.

However, due to the park’s fireworks show Beast closed before park closing and we never got out night ride 🙁 – Definitely on my coaster-experience bucket list! (We rode Vortex instead).

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