Kentucky Kingdom – June Trip Report

Alexander: Time to visit a rare “zombie” of a park – one that was snatched from the jaws of death in the most unlikely of circumstances! It’s Kentucky Kingdom!

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It’s been 5 years since Kentucky Kingdom’s miraculous return to operations after being chewed up and spat out by Six Flags. Since then, that park has proven that they’re here to stay!

Marquee park-relaunch coaster Lightning Run is now just one of a several notable coasters at Kentucky Kingdom.

Kentucky Kingdom’s commanding collection of wet and dry rides is flourishing, with new major attractions being introduced every year.

New for 2019 is an extremely welcome addition: A classic, no-fuss family wood coaster, Kentucky Flyer!

Though it’s a bit tame, I delighted that Kentucky Kingdom went with wood for 2019. It’s a solid addition that demonstrates a great commitment to cultivating a diverse collection of coasters.

While Kentucky Kingdom’s lineup is strong, the operations were not. T3 struggles with its consistent 1-train operations – that’s 14 people every 4-7 minutes.

Thunder Run also runs with one train, but it has a good excuse: It was only built with one!

T3 is a decent ride tarnished by inappropriately long wait times. Lightning Run ran one train on our visit as well, but at least capacity is still decent (plus it’s an excellent ride).

These people are just as happy to be out of the queue as they are to be riding!

I must say, as uninterested as I am with Larson Loopers, I think Kentucky Kingdom has the best-looking one of the bunch.

This midway between the Larson Loop and Storm Chaser doesn’t feel like it should be open to the public. Six Flags closed the walkway to the public over 10 years ago, and it probably should have stayed that way.

It’s an ugly, hot midway with stored rides on display.

Storm Chaser is your typical RMC Iron Horse, but it sits on a sad, ugly plot of land. A little landscaping could go a long way for this ride.

The custom Intamin Flying Dutchman is still one of the park’s best assets.

And Sean being Sean, we had to do a little photo shoot in honor of his heritage.

But we’re sorely disappointed by how they run the ride now. Go back up to that first photo of the ride. See that? That’s the ride running at FULL SPEED per their current operations. When did this unfortunate change in speed occur, I wonder?

Thunder Run gives solid rides, per usual. Still a respectable contemporary of the more notable wooden coasters in the area.

Our last ride of the day was on Rollerskater, which is unironically one of our favorite rides in the park. It easily has the best setting and terrain of any ride here!

Thank you Kentucky Kingdom for having us. We look forward to seeing this park continue to grow! We’ve got a ton of new coverage coming your way from around the world! Here’s some of our new content:

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