Waldameer Time!

Cassie: Hello, we are the newest region for The Coaster Kings reporting from the Ohio region. We are on the road a lot this summer, so don’t worry the Ohio stuff will come.

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This past weekend we visited one of our favorite parks in the region, Waldameer. It is a charming, small, open admission park. It’s the definition of a great family owned park. It’s also Jimmy’s first home park. This park also has a water park but it had closed early the day we went so we will not be reporting on that.

They have four coasters with 2 being for children. The first coaster we see is called The Ravine Flyer 3. It is a junior coaster by E&F Miler Industries. You may be wondering why it’s the third Ravine Flyer… more on that later. It is a great coaster for families with young children to get ready for their first big coaster. It is also completely over water as it replaced the popular bumper boats in 2000.

The most historic coaster at the park is Comet. This Philadelphia Toboggan Company coaster debuted in 1951. It is still labeled as an ACE coaster classic as it still has its buzz bars, no middle seat divider, and no head rests. It is a family favorite as it has a very low height requirement 36”.  This allows families to enjoy a great coaster classic together. This coaster is super smooth and goes slow enough that won’t scare children on their first coaster. It sits at a height of only 37ft. but only drops 25ft.

Next up we have Steel Dragon which is a Maurer Rides Spinning Coaster. This ride debuted at the park in 2004. This coaster is just a spinning coaster and just likes all the other cloned spinning coasters like it.

It does a good job of rounding out the parks coaster line up. There are people out there that truly enjoy these, but that’s not us.

Alright it is time that we discuss the crown jewel of  the park, The Ravine Flyer II. Yes, we said that correctly, it is the second version of the ride. The original Ravine Flyer was at the park beginning in 1922 and closed in 1938 following an accident. What made this coaster unique is that it crossed over a four lane road that leads out to a peninsula on Lake Erie. In 2008 Waldameer opened a new version of the Ravine Flyer and labeling it the 2nd.

Ravine Flyer II shoots rides over the same road that the original Ravine Flyer did. The coaster now is surrounded by an enclosed bridge that looks awesome from the road.

This coaster packs a punch and is a minute and a half of pure adrenaline. This is one of Gravity Groups best coasters as it has a drops 118 ft. and reaches a max speed of 57 mph. Another highlight of this coaster is that it has one 90 degree banked turn. Ravine Flyer II also has some fantastic views of Lake Erie before diving down the first hill and across the road. f you are ever in Northeast Pennsylvania, this coaster is worth the stop by itself.

Waldameer also has an old school dark ride. It was built in the early 70’s but is still another must do at the park. Whacky Shack’s new sign looks great!

Waldameer is home to 31 flats rides. Waldameer has many sculptures and great landscaping for a small park. It also helped that it was a beautiful day out. Here is a view of X-Scream drop tower, Tilt-A-Whirl, and Pirate’s Cove walk-through fun house.

Is it really an amusement park without a log flume?

Proof that this park is thriving is the fact that they continue to grow and add more attractions each year. The park’s General Manager Steve Gorman has mentioned that they plan on adding new attraction every year. They plan on alternating years between the waterpark and dry park on which type of attraction. This year they added a Zamperla Chaos, which looks great when walking into the park.

Thank you for checking out this Waldameer report! It’s summer time and that means, podcasts, travel, park trip reports and more. In the next few days we’ve got a bunch of new coverage coming, for now check out these awesome new reports:

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