Universal Studios Hollywood Park Update – May 27th, 2019

Preston: Another week, another Universal Studios Hollywood update! Today, we have Jurassic World construction, Secret Life of Pets, as well as some small around the park updates. Ready? Let’s go!

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On the way into the park, we saw some exciting happenings around CityWalk. the IT’SUGAR exterior construction continues.

Hopefully the walls will be down soon!

I’m surprised to see that the Antojitos walls aren’t down yet. Should be any day now.

Let’s head into the park!

It was a cloudy and rainy day, but I was definitely not mad. Those clouds make for some stunning shots.

Grad Bash continues, and with it comes the LED lights. These should be gone within the month.

Let’s check out the lower lot first!

There is SO MUCH Secret Life of Pets advertising in the park. Way too much if you ask me.

That Jurassic World mural is STUNNING! I can’t get enough.

The JW sign has been placed on the top of the show building. It looks great! Can’t wait for this attraction to open soon.

The palm trees are still tied up and there are still some final touches to be put in place.

One more look at that mural!

After going back up to the upper lot, we hopped on the Studio Tour. There was only a fifteen-minute wait!

Finally, we have to show you some of these shots we got in Wizarding World. These rainclouds provide an unbelievable backdrop.

More Hogsmeade 🙂

That’s all for today’s update! Thank you for reading. Be sure to check out our recent Six Flags Magic Mountain update along with Sean and Alexander’s Cedar Point trip report. I will be at STAR WARS: GALAXY’s EDGE TOMORROW for opening day and am SO EXCITED to share my thoughts with y’all very soon! Stay tuned 🙂


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