Our 5 Favorite Coasters in Japan

Sean: This week’s list of 5 coasters is inspired by the trip Alexander and I took to Asia last fall! We rode over 60 awesome (and not-so-awesome) coasters in Japan and we have narrowed it down to our 5 absolute favorites! Let’s take a look:

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5 – Flying Dinosaur

The first coaster we’ll be talking about is the World’s longest and fastest flying coaster located at Universal Studios Japan. Flying Dinosaur is perfectly integrated with the surrounding Jurassic Park area and features some amazing elements. From a nose dive straight towards the midway below on the coaster’s first drop, to raven turns, inline twists and pretzel rolls, Flying Dinosaur does it all! Looking for a diverse flying coaster with near-miss elements and stunning on-and off-ride views? Visit Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka not only for this amazing B&M, but also for Hollywood Dream, the park’s stellar B&M Hyper coaster!

4 – Ultra Twister

Next up on the list is the most quintessential Japanese coaster featured here today (there are two more installations of this type of coaster, one at Mitsui Greenland and a dive-loop version at Rusutsu Resort)! The TOGO Ultra Twister lifts the unique in-line vehicles up vertically before a beyond vertical drop, followed by an airtime hill. It then does what its name implies, an ultra twist: an inline twist with ultimate head-chopper effects. After a sudden stop, the track tilts downward and the ride is completed with two high speed inline twists backwards into the brake run. Ultra Twister is intense but so much fun, a rare breed of coasters and the perfect “Japanese coaster experience”. Ultra Twister is located at Nagashima Spa Land near Nagoya.

3 – Steel Dragon 2000

Continuing our list with Nagashima Spa Land is the world’s largest roller coaster, and our personal favorite Giga in the world:  Steel Dragon 2000! This massive red and grey monster came at a shocking price of $50M, to make sure the ride was earthquake proof. The coaster features strong airtime, both in the form of massive airtime hills and tiny ejector hills towards the end of the ride, as well as a giant figure-8 helix section stretching far outside the park. Since 2013 the coaster features specially designed B&M trains for more comfortable and freeing ride experience.

2 – Eejanaika

Moving from one very famous Japanese theme park to the next, we’re looking at Tokyo’s thrill destination: Fuji-Q Highland, home to some of the world’s wildest coasters. The #2 spot on this list is going to Eejanaika, an S&S 4D coaster that makes X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain look like a family version of the ride. The 250ft tall coaster once was coated in a friendly red paint job but has since been painted a much more suiting dark brown, black and gray. Eejanaika features several inversions that due to the unique rotating seat designs create for a frightening and extreme experience. From start to finish Eejanaika does not give you a second to breathe and is perhaps the most intense coaster we have every ridden. Do not miss the 78MPH, 250ft tall Eejanaika when on your trip to Japan.

1 – Fujiyama

Last but not least, Fujiyama. Much like the other coasters at Fuji-Q Highland, Fujiyama is tall, intimidating, fast, and amazing. Usually the idea of a TOGO coaster that travels at a height of 260ft and at speeds of 81MPH sounds painful, but thanks to the amazing ride vehicles on Fujiyama, the opposite is true. The coaster is filled with all variations of airtime, sharp turns and powerful positive and negative G-forces. Fujiyama offers amazing views of the impressive landscape while finishing strongly with unique zig-zag airtime hills that throw you on the lap of the person next to you. Fujiyama is a stellar hyper coaster and perhaps one of the biggest surprises on our travels through Japan!

Honorable Mentions

Though we listed 5 of our favorite coasters in Japan, that are undoubtedly some of the very best found in the country, there are a few more coaster that we want to show some love for. This includes Tokyo Dome City’s Thunder Dolphin, a sleek hyper coaster that shows you some of downtown Tokyo’s beauty; Sea Paradise’s Surf Coaster Leviathan, another stellar TOGO coaster with great airtime, pacing, and helices; and Pyrenees at Parque Espsana-Shima Spain Village, a mega B&M invert on the level of Montu and Alpengeist.

Thank you for checking out this list! More of these weekly lists can be found here!

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  1. You guys are awesome. I could only dream of living the life of a rollercoaster enthusiast, and reviewer full time. Thanks for living my dream and enjoying it. I love your reviews, videos, and personalities. Keep up the good work!

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