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Sven: Finally, we made it to Scandinavia! A region that was lacking on my theme park count (and thus also coaster count). Fortunately, we experienced a wonderful two days at Liseberg, the coaster kingdom of Scandinavia. A stunning launch coaster, a woodie full of airtime and one of the best family coasters out there. Oh and a wonderful dive too. Let’s get to it!

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Our B&B was really close to the park. You could often here the drop of this beauty: AtmosFear!

The sun was out and it was a Friday of a long weekend (the day before was a disaster weather-wise) so that could only mean one thing: crowds. But if it would be the only sunny day of a trip, then you do choose to go anyway. Afterwards it wasn’t the best idea but we were impatient to ride the different coasters. One of those: Helix!

The wait time was between 80-100 minutes, so we chose to go down the mountain to different rides. But first of course some shots of the stunning ride!

Luckily, another major coaster only had 30 – 40 minutes wait time: Balder! This one really took me by surprise. I expected a good ride in the way GCI delivers, but this was quite different. It’s all about the airtime!

The layout seems quite compact but it has a decent length. The only downside for me are the transitions between the airtime moments. Unlike Troy and definitely Wodan, you have breathing moments. Especially during our second day when the trains were not full, it felt like we would stop at some points.

Nevertheless, it became my second favorite woodie. The airtime really delivers and the views are quite nice too. I prefer back seat, but front was really cool too. The trains aren’t the best in my opinion but I guess I’m so used to the sofa style of GCI and even Loup-Garou.

All the other coasters were around 60 minutes, which might not seem that much unless you want to ride as much as you can. Instead we first rode some other rides and hope for lower crowds towards the evening. So next up were Flume Ride and Kållerado!

Both are classic water rides and do what they have to do: family fun with chances of being wet. I’ll come back to Flume Ride later but on this sunny Friday, especially the rapid made my day. The track itself wasn’t very surprising but the little effects everywhere caused a lot of fun. Ideal for the whole family.

We doubted a lot about where to go so after going back and forth between the two water rides, we went back to the mountain. 60 minutes for Helix seemed fair, but it ended up being 100 after all.

So what did we think? Well, the first ride wasn’t mind-blowing. We chose for a back seat ride as I prefer it on Blue Fire. But here, it wasn’t disappointing but not wow neither. There’s too much rattle so it didn’t age that well… Still, I can’t decide on my opinion with only one ride. So we planned to go back later.

Let’s go to the newest coaster of the park: Valkyria! What a beauty!

So the entrance of the ride sucks on busy days. There’s one staircase for three lines: Express Pass, Single Riders and Regular. Note that you can’t buy an Express Pass but you get one if your buy your regular ticket online. So for Single Riders, you need to squeeze in until you reach the staff member who lets you through… if you don’t have a bag on you. That meant going all the way back down to the gift shop and store your bag in a free locker (luckily).

Once on board, it was my first experience with the new restrains. Did it bother me? Well not that much. I did experience airtime on this ride. This Dive Machine is the highest one in Europe until today. That means that once you drop, it’s all about the speed. A wonderful ride and addition for Liseberg, but not mind-blowing amazing. My favorite dive is still Griffon.

There was one other coaster I definitely needed to ride: Lisebergbanan. A Schwarzkopf classic built on the mountain: recipe for a wonderful ride.

Here also the speed is pretty amazing, this ride made it to becoming my favorite Family coaster I’ve ridden so far! The station got a new look this year too!

Besides the coasters, Liseberg is all about the thrill rides. We rode all but one of them on our second day as it was way too busy. So let’s show you their line-up. The newest one: Loke!

This Intamin Gyro Swing takes you higher in the middle of the green and right next to Balder. A pretty solid addition for the park for sure and quite popular!

Then there’s Aerospin, a Sky Roller on the mountain which gives nice views! Especially if you can flip it upside-down which I always find harder on these things compared to the Sky Fly model.

Also on the mountain: Uppswinget. Love the name and I wasn’t a big fan of the one at Thorpe Park. Yet here, due to it’s position on the mountain, it feels totally different. Must-do and I prefer to be on the outer side.

And then a more classic one is Jukebox. Personally, I love this theme and each ride has a different song. 

But my favorite thrill is AtmosFear! I love high rides and this one in particular as the view is stunning, due to the fact that the ride is built on top of the mountain. Before the ride was built in 2011, it used to be an observation tower instead. Even though I love those too, I’m pretty glad they transformed it. The thrilling drop of 300 feet (90 meter) feels so refreshing every time. By the way, this was my dinner view! The Tex Mex restaurant is the place to be.

The second day, we started in the children’s area of the park. Cause there were still two credits to do.

First up a Preston and Barbari Kiddie Coaster called Stampbanan. Nothing special really. The other one: Rabalder. A Zierer Force coaster. Also not the best but a fun ride for families for sure.

Next year, the park will open their much needed dark ride. As you can see, the weather was totally different on our second day and besides one Haunted House, there’s nothing indoor. Underlandet, themed to the Liseberg bunny mascot, should be a nice addition thus.

Next to AtmosFear, you have a Ferris Wheel too to enjoy the view. A pretty modern one as each cabin has A/C control and more! Check out this view of the park!

Hey there Balder! Looking good as always! Visibly, it was a much calmer day and that’s a disadvantage for this one. More empty trains slow it down a bit, which is okay for the airtime but not so good for the overall ride experience.

Also coming up is the construction of an indoor aqua park and hotel for Liseberg. Notice on the right of this picture the concert area of Liseberg.

An important area for the park as it attracts a lot of extra guests who want to see their favorite artist perform. No idea who was playing though.

Did you know that during the summer season, the park stays open until 11 pm? That means that queue times show pretty low at night. Love the colors on Loke!

On our second day, we had quite some rain too but that also can give a nice atmosphere to the park.

Now as mentioned before, I need to come back to Helix. During the first day, we did manage to ride it again one more time and then we did it front seat. Now that my friends, was a totally different experience. The speed, the way you go through the elements, a lot less rattle… That’s when Helix climbed up on my favorite coasters ladder.

Personally, it didn’t become my favorite launch coaster though, that crown is still for Taron. The launches itself are not really that intense. It’s mostly about the airtime, the powerful helix (obviously) and my favorite element was the inversion after the second launch which provides some nice hang-time while having a stunning view. They way it’s built on the mountain is also a big plus for this ride as I like integrated rides. The best coaster at the park for sure but I do hope that they’ll maintain it well.

Alright, so there you have it: Liseberg, the jewel of the North. With four fantastic coasters and lots of thrill rides, thrill seekers will love it. Families with children too, although it could do with some more indoor rides and family rides. Besides a classic dark ride, an additional interactive dark ride would fit perfectly here (if they find the space). Cause yes, it’s not that big of a park, yet they deliver good quality. Thanks Liseberg! Until next time!

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