Efteling – Een Wereld Vol Wonderen – May 2019

Sean: We recently went on a lightning fast 2-day trip to Europe for a concert, family, and 4 theme parks. The most time we spent on a single activity? Efteling. Not only is this park one of the world’s best theme parks, it’s also a personal favorite of ours! Join us at the Efteling, Een Wereld Vol Wonderen!

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Alexander and I welcome you to Efteling with Pardoes. Let’s take a look at all that the park has to offer and what we got to experience on this particular visit!

First thing first, if you’re not familiar with Efteling, this is a giant park that features about as much natural beauty as one could hope for. Large stretches of the park are not occupied by major dark rides or roller coasters, a refreshing change of pace compared to most other destination theme parks.

Just like myself, this park is authentically Dutch. Though the theme park plays on an international playing field and markets itself in 4+ languages, much of the park pays homage to, and features story lines, particularly important to Dutch culture and history.

One of our favorite rides is the classic, but retrofitted, Vekoma double loop double corkscrew: Python! Thus the classic coaster was the first thing we headed to!

Python opened in April of 1981 and was the biggest coaster the nation had ever seen. Quickly Python rapidly grew in popularity and became a household name. The coaster has been an icon for Efteling ever since and has cycled thru 4 different sets of trains and received a nearly-complete track replacement!

Python currently runs MK1212 trains with vest restraints and has a tad of a steampunk feel to it. The coaster itself is glass smooth, something we’re not used to from Vekoma coasters.

The ride’s popularity is not hurting. In fact, on moderate to busy days this is Efteling’s only attraction that requires a reservation.

Is the coaster a high-speed mega thrill ride? Of course not. But it’s rerideability, smoothness, and family-friendliness makes it so popular.

Make sure not to miss this iconic coaster on your visit to the park. You won’t be disappointed.

A more recent Efteling icon is Joris en de Draak, one of our favorite woodies. However during our visit this month it was closed for track refurbishment.

The dueling woodie may have been closed but the park’s unique KumbaK water coaster: Vliegende Hollander, and Baron 1898: the world’s best themed dive machine were operating at full capacity!

We’ll see you next visit Joris!

Ready for some art? Here’s another picture of Python and its beautiful new track seen thru… its tracks! Ha!

Next up is a personal favorite coaster, Vliegende Hollander. Themed to an old Dutch port town, the legend of the Flying Dutchman lives on. The ride’s detailed, dark and mysterious queue along with one of our all time favorite soundtracks are just the beginning!

The ride features a stellar dark ride section with some surprise elements, lots of fog, projection mapping and waterfalls followed by a multi-element coaster section finishing in a splashing finale in the middle of the park’s “coaster corner” Ruigrijk!

We then made our way over to Vogel Rok, since the park had added some effects, new brakes and an enhanced soundtrack this year. On the way over we passed by the back side of Baron 1898, which we’ll come back to later.

Vogel Rok we missed you! Though this 1998 Vekoma doesn’t have the best looking queue or station, the entrance is rather impressive. A giant animatronic bird! The ride itself is fast, has a wonderful soundtrack, some classic effects and a fun finale. The only thing this coaster really lacks is length. It’s a lovely and fast coaster, but it’s over rather quick.

Next up: Droomvlucht! (Dreamflight), a spectacular tracked dark ride through a fantasy world. Behind this marquee lies a world unimaginable including some of our all-time favorite dark ride scenes!

Droomvlucht was added as a counter strike to nearby Disneyland Paris opening and does not feature any narration in any language. The ride is such a fantastic trip through this fantasy world that no narration is needed, making it such a great ride for audiences from anywhere in the world.

Right next to Droomvlucht we find the park’s signature show: Raveleijn. We didn’t get the chance to experience that this time, but instead I we rode Villa Volta, the park’s mad house!

Yo I’m Sean and welcome to ma crib.

Another great thing about Efteling is the fact that it’s been around since before Disneyland opened, and is home to not only classic theming, also some very classic attractions. The park is home to a shocking 5 carousels, including one of over a 100 years old inside the Carrousel Paleis!

Still tractor operated this classic and operating carousel is the center piece of a museum and model train hall, featuring a bar and entertainment venue.

Now to know Efteling is to know their Sprookjesbos (Fairy Tale Forest), it’s what made the park famous, it’s what so perfectly captures this park’s uniqueness, and it’s the best in the world. In addition to all that it’s also massive and features a ton of walk-thru attractions, gardens, and small attractions! Hallo Mr. Langnek!

Classic fairy tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, Red Ridinghood and many others are present throughout this part of the park.

Of course people are very into it, including things such as the animatronic tree that tells stories. Efteling really is a park where your very reasonable price of admission is not at wall wasted when you don’t ride coasters, there is just so much to do!

More gardens, serenity, walk-through attractions and landscaping. #InLove

It wasn’t until July of 2017 that Efteling got their own iconic castle that is home to one of the world’s best trackless dark rides: Symbolica!

Symbolica takes riders on three different tours that they can choose to go on with Pardoes. The great thing about this 35 Million Euro dark ride is the fact that it is all physical effects and sets, all so wonderfully Efteling!

Right across from the park’s signature castle is a statue of Pardoes, the park’s jokster and magician in training. Pardoes has been the favorite park character for years and we couldn’t resist also having a quick meet and greet with the legend.

Taken shortly after he appropriately made fun of our Disney jackets, of course.

Efteling’s signature in-park restaurant is Polles Keuken, a traditional dutch pancake restaurant where pancakes of almost any imaginable version are available. The restaurant is a can’t miss and the staff is amazing (as is all of Efteling’s staff). Polles Keuken is located right next to Symbolica.

Back to Ruigrijk for some more coasters? YES!

After the initial rush to get on Baron had faded we waited a more comfortable 20 minutes to get on the amazingly well themed dive machine!

Sure it’s not as intense as SheiKra at Busch Gardens Tampa, but it sure is a whole lot better than Valravn for those that wonder. The ride has two inversions, a small but exciting drop underneath the midway (filled with fog), a 2 fun moments of airtime and a helix.

Baron 1898’s theming however is what sets itself apart with valet bag check, stellar pre-shows, an onboard pre-lift preshow and immaculate atmosphere.

Besides, it’s also gorgeously integrated with the surrounding midways and nature.

I usually view Dive Machines as invasive large coasters that can really dominate a skyline or area of a park, but that’s not the case with this smaller-yet-perfect coaster. It’s just the right fit, something Efteling is just so good at.

One of the last rides we rode, and of course rerode is Fata Morgana. Fata Morgana is the park’s Arabian Nights themed boat dark ride, about the size of the infamous Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, except older feeling, no first drop and a tad less happy. The ride is gorgeous features animatronics as far as the eye can see and features themes not seen in parks in the US. Definitely a must-ride!

We’ll finish this report with the classic Dutch looper, and a train full of happy riders!

So long Python and Efteling, I can’t wait to see you again!

Thank you for checking out this Efteling report! Stay tuned for reports from Toverland, Drievliet, Duinrell, Cedar Point and much more! It’s summer theme park season! For now check out these recent updates and reports:

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