Bobbejaanland – Fury Construction Update – May 4th 2019

Sven: Bobbejaanland continues construction on their biggest coaster yet! Fury will be a record breaking coaster by Gerstlauer. This Triple Launch Coaster will be part of a brand new area called Land of Legends. See for yourself how construction continues!

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For those of you who missed it, let’s clarify what Fury will be. Since Movie Park Germany opened Star Trek: Operation Enterprise and Attractiepark Slagharen opened Gold Rush in recent years, it was only a matter of time before Parques Reunidos would let Bobbejaanland build a brand new coaster as well. Competition gets heavier as Walibi Belgium and Toverland invest heavily, so the Belgian park near Antwerp couldn’t stay too far behind.

That’s why earlier this year, they didn’t only announce the name of the new coaster to be Fury, but also showed artwork of the area where it will be in: Land of Legends. Currently, you can find the Giant Frisbee Sledghammer and Euro-fighter Typhoon there.The story tells that there are four threats in the realm linked to the four elements. Each element gets it’s own logo and battle between good and evil.

Source: Bobbejaanland

A new water playground, Naiads Waters, represents a battle between an Elf army and a Water Monster. Sledgehammer is a weapon of the Earth People to defeat the giant Maapollo. The Skyriders need you to help defeat the Typhoon of the witch Wayra. Finally, there’s also a battle with the dragon Fogo together with the Fire Knights: Fury.

Source: Bobbejaanland

As mentioned, Fury will be a Triple Launch Coaster by Gerstlauer. The ride will be the tallest Triple Launch Coaster in the Benelux with a top height of 141.1 feet (43 m). Next to that, it will hold the record for being be the fastest coaster in the Benelux, slightly beating Goliath to a max speed of 66.2 mph (106,6 km/h). Fury will have 4 inversions but also a world exclusive feature!

Source: Bobbejaanland

Before riding, you will be able to push a button on the restrains. This will let you choose to do the ride forwards or backwards! The majority of the 12 seats decides! In case of a tie, the direction will be random. Two trains will be running and dispatched by use of a turning platform. (Similar to Pulsar). But let’s head to the park and see how construction is going!

Typhoon already got its transformation with a new paint job and a new look for the station!

The ride has become a classic for the park and looks stunning!

Last year, I found riding it slightly smoother than this year. Nevertheless, it remains a forceful machine!

When walking around the park, you can peak towards the construction of Fury. Lots of midways are sealed off because of that.

During our visit, they were installing one of the inversions!

The best place to spot the current state however, is near Sledghammer, which got a special pathway to reach it now. So the thrill ride remains in operations during construction!  The view while riding, one word:  amazing!

Sledghammer’s footers already got the “earth theme” layover.

But this is where it’s all about! Here it is: Fury!

Of the layout, we’re not near 50% completion. The launch area is set and there’s advancement on the inversions, but the Spike and Scorpion Tail don’t even have supports yet. 

You probably noticed that one element is already complete however, namely the Top Hat. It looks stunning and can be seen from different areas throughout the park. The skyline of Bobbejaanland used to have a windmill but since that one got removed, there wasn’t much sticking out of the trees anymore. Now, that’s changed with Fury!

Also from the Ferris Wheel, you have some nice views! Did you notice my Typhoon timing?


Let’s get closer again! The supports are getting installed quite rapidly!

Hidden between all the track, you can already spot the head and wing of Fogo the dragon!

Just look at the color of the track! Isn’t it stunning?

As it looked like a real Typhoon was coming, it was time to go back home. We’re very excited for the opening in June and can’t wait to ride both forwards and backwards!

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