Busch Gardens Tampa + Tigris Update – Early May

Alexander: Tigris at Busch Gardens Tampa bay has been open for a couple weeks now – with a few rides under our belt, we decided to take some time to do a little photo shoot with Florida’s newest coaster!

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It’s another beautiful day at Florida’s thrill capital!

We decided to take the long way to Tigris, opting for a train ride from Narobi to Stanleyville.

Montu didn’t appear to be operating during the few hours of our visit.

Still, a lovely looking thing in any state.

Along Busch Gardens’ eastern edge, riders of the train can enjoy views of thrilling rides in the distace,

plus views of animals in the foreground!

Hundreds of creatures call Busch’s Serengheti Plane home.

We’ve got a few 4-legged friends in this shot, plus a couple birds of prey!

The train at Busch Gardens has been lovingly incorporated with numerous additions.

Not the least of which is Kumba, which straddles the train tracks with its iconic boomerang.

New kid on the block Tigris has no trouble fitting in.

It may not be the park’s best ride, but its an excellent fit for the park – in both the figurative and literal sense.

As far as Sea World Parks Entertainment Sky Rocket II installations go, this would be our favorite of the three. The color scheme and scenery are hard to beat!

While the comfort collars are no-one’s favorite part of the 3 Sea World SRIIs, at least Tigris has improved on the concept with a softer vest design – a marked improvement over the more rigid harness we experienced on Tempesto and Electric Eel.

The ride’s queue follows much of the path of the park’s retired Tidal Wave ride. A great example of up-cycling for a new attraction!

The mature trees dominating the foreground in Tigris‘ entrance plaza really elevate the environment. Busch Gardens was wise to protect as much foliage as possible!

With Tigris open, guests can once again admire SheiKra from this angle.

Operations for Tigris on our visit were great: swift dispatches and happy staff kept the experience quick and friendly!

Sky Rocket II rides may not be for everyone, but its hard to deny that it’s a nice stepping stone toward the highly anticipated 2020 attraction!

Speaking of which, lots and lots of purple track is waiting to be installed on the Gwazi RMC project – we should have some notable track placement here in the coming weeks!

That concludes our Busch Gardens Tampa update! Thanks for reading, and we’ll be back for more soon!

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