Carowinds / Copperhead Strike Trip Report

Alexander:  We’ve hit a different regional park every week this April. After Silver Dollar City the previous week (and Six Flags Over Georgia the week before), our next stop is Carowinds!

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It’s great to be back at one of the southeast’s top parks, Carowinds!

First stop: Copperhead Strike!

With our Time Traveler rides fresh in our minds from the week before, we were curious how Carowinds’ Mack launcher would compare.

While Sean was a bigger fan of Time Traveler, I think I prefer the non-spinning nature of Copperhead just a tad more.

The layout for Time Traveler is a bit more unique, but Copperhead has some very strong elements – particularly some sharp airtime and great laterals.

Check out maintenance admiring their handywork!

While certain aspects of the ride (like the great scenery) were pleasant surprises, others that we looked forward to (like the wavy launch) fell flat.

The initial launch is also pretty gentle, but the mid-ride preshow makes up for it.

Big fan of the almost-circular vertical loops! They’re great elements as well as a nice homage to White Lightning, the Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop Carowinds once had.

Also the trains are beautiful! Will have to come back for some nighttime long-exposures!

Blue Ridge Junction – home to Copperhead Strike and the park’s vintage Flying Scooters – is a great addition. 

Nighthawk tested for several hours and operated only periodically throughout the day. More on that later.

Copperhead Strike is great, but Fury325 is still the star at Carowinds.

Vortex is an interesting subject. Should they keep it as a Stand-Up coaster, as the breed becomes increasingly scarce? Or should they take the opportunity to have the only Floorless coaster in the area?

White Lightning may be gone, but Schwarzkopf still has a presence at Carowinds!

I spy Goldrusher sneaking around the trees!

I really do love a good Vekoma Boomerang. Flying Cobras is one of the best! Can’t get enough of those MK-1212 trains!

Afterburn really impressed us this visit. 

It’s so much better than we remembered it being. Has that last corkscrew always hauled like that?

Ah yes, more Fury.

While some rides lose their initial spark in the first few years (I’m looking at you, Banshee), Fury has managed to steadily appreciate in value.

Still the only B&M with a … whatever this is!

Could almost pass for a public park if it weren’t for the giga. 

Carolina Cyclone is a gem. It may not have a particularly special-looking layout, but it runs exceptionally well.

Finally! A much-coveted ride on the precious Nighthawk!

The fact that Firehawk at Kings Island has been demolished is a fairly strong indicator that the Vekoma Flying Dutchmen may not have much time left. The Firehawk trains are expected to run on Nighthawk soon, though there doesn’t appear to be any signs of that as of now.

With such a prominent location in the park, Carowinds just won’t look the same after Nighthawk leaves us.

That concludes our Carowinds update! Say goodnight, Fury!

Join us next time for our last park of April: Six Flags Great Adventure!

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