Universal Studios Hollywood Park Update-Late April 2019

Derrion: Its that time again! Universal Studios Hollywood is on the rise to remaining the entertainment capital of LA. On this visit we are going to take a look at some of the changes currently going on in the park.

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Have any of you  tried the fine dining that Moulin Rouge has to offer? In order to do this you will have to purchase the VIP experience or attend one of Universal’s Studios Special events. The food is truly amazing and I would highly recommend this up scale buffet if you are in the mood for a treat.

I guess food was really on my mind today so I decided to pop into Mel’s Diner. To my surprise, they added a new menu item. The chili cheese tater tots are very savory and an item we recommend trying in the park.

Just to the left of Mel’s Diner, construction continues on the new Secret Life of Pets: Off The Leash. The construction tarp spans the entire building and it will be a bit difficult moving forward to see the details of the attraction.

However,we can see that the exterior walls are being applied to the frames of the building. This project is moving extremely fast, we look forward to gaining more details about the attraction as it opens in 2020.

The pathway from the The Walking Dead attraction is back open for guest to pass easily through Westminster to Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem.

If you ever want to get a good view of the park this look out spot is located in the smoking section on the upper lot. This is a neat area to get amazing views of all the construction progress, including the new Jurassic World: The Ride and rumored Super Nintendo World.

Speaking of Jurassic World: The Ride, the project has picked up exponentially. There are new palm tress in the new planters and new rock phases that will in the area. The painting has started back up on the upper dining area of Jurassic Cafe as well.

The biggest news thus far! The ride has been testing all of its special effects. The water fall was working on today’s visit and they were testing the water jets.

We were also able to stick around a bit and see the boats actually testing with water dummies. Having watched multiple splashes, I could tell they were working on the braking system. Some boats would stop more abruptly, while others could be seen splashing all the way to stairs before the last turn around. This is a good sign that the ride is set to open sooner than expected. There still is no official date set by the park but we believe it will be early June.

I am very excited about the addition of an enclosed Raptor Encounter. The new encounter seems to be just about complete, and will add for a more realistic experience.
If you look just beyond the construction tarp, the entrance sign has received a new exterior. I wonder if they will add the lanterns to it as well?

I just can’t help but notice how well the rumored Super Nintendo World will fit into this section of the lower lot. I believe this will be the main entrance that guest will use to be transported through the tunnel into another world.

The Transformers: The Ride extended queue had seen more progress on its new extended queue. 

There is so much going on at this construction site now. Visually it looks as though they are beginning work on the foundation. We were worried that this plot would not be large enough, but it might be able to hold 2-3 attractions as it extends towards Jurassic World:The Ride.

Now for the entire purpose of this visit. The Dark Arts at Hogwarts castle has officially made its debut.

The show itself uses projection mapping, lighting, fog, and pyrotechnical effects. It is also the first show to incorporate self-piloted drones. This is by far one of the best nighttime spectaculars I have ever seen. Unfortunately at this time the show is no longer running, but will return 5/25-5/27 and is rumored to also add additional summer dates.

Thank You all for reading this far. We will be back with more updates from your favorite theme park!

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