Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – April 27th, 2019

Derrion: It feels great to be reporting back to you all with another Six Flags Magic Mountain update! I have not been to the park on a Saturday in ages, but I thought I would give it a go amid the end of the spring break crowds. Lets  take a quick look at some of the changes in the park and of course the “progress” on the new for 2019 attraction: West Coast Racers.

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Park Update

Now speaking of Saturday rush, I quickly remembered why I typically do not visit the park on the weekends. It took almost 30 minutes just to bypass the security clearance.

Later on in the day I found out that there was a Music in the Parks competition going on today. These lines were not anything to joke about and the park had to use three separate entrances just to accommodate the crowd.

Luckily for me, I am a Diamond Elite member. I was able to bypass a lot of the wait times in the park by using my skip the line passes. Members with this pass are allowed two per visit /per membership. As I have mentioned before this made a lot of the park manageable to enjoy on a Saturday. Guests can pick up their skip the line passes at the Online Express entrance as well instead of waiting in the general line for the flash pass (which can take almost another 30 min).

I have not done a Viper appreciation post in a while. Having ridden this coaster many times, on this visit I noticed how good the g forces can be if you relax and anticipate them. I usually keep my head all the way back , holding on to the restraints, to make for a more enjoyable ride. Trust me it will make your experience riding this beauty that more amazing!

Heading towards Rapids Camp Crossing, the Soda Springs snack bar has new permanent stanchions. This is a great addition as it will help keep the pathways clear for the passing crowds.

It is no secret that Tatsu is a must ride every visit. Tatsu is personal favorite in the parks B&M line up because of the sensations that can not be cloned on any other coaster because of its unique layout.

Is Tatsu one of your favorite rides in the park? If so Six Flags Magic Mountain has the nano versions for sale! They also have Goliath and X2!

One of the reasons why I can never get tired of visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain is because there are so many enjoyable roller coasters that keep me coming back. I always challenge myself to ride something I usually do not ride every visit. For this trip, it was The Riddler’s Revenge. I must say Six Flags Magic Mountain is truly taking care of this B&M, the ride experience every time I ride seems to be better than the last.  Not to mention it has an operating Single Riders line that will cut down your wait times in the park.

In another alternate universe, Green Lantern: First Flight has not been so obtainable and lucky. The attraction is still listed as closed and there has been no further word on when the attraction will be demolished and/or sold to another park because it has been confirmed the only Zac Spin in America will no longer operate at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Leaving DC universe, I noticed that the entry/exit sign has a bit of sun damage. It would be great to see the park take notice and update this before the entire entryway gets ruined.

The good news today is that Jet Stream is back from its quick refurbish. As the only log flume in the park, it is great to have it back up and running especially as Southern California prepares for the warm months to come.


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  1. Last time I visited, there was a diamond security line on the far right to allow for diamond members to get through quickly. Not sure if they still have it, but it was earlier this month.

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