Pop Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration – Disneyland Resort Update – May 1st, 2019

Preston: There are some new things popping up around the entire Disneyland Resort. One of the most intriguing happenings that has gone on recently is the entire renovation of the Downtown Disney District. With new shops, restaurants, and other experiences popping up left and right, it sure is an exciting time to be a local. Today, we’re zooming in on Pop Up Disney. which just opened last Friday, April 26th. Let’s go take a look!

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Before we get to Pop Up Disney and the rest of Downtown Disney, let’s take a quick look at the new Pixar Pals Parking Structure. Here’s a wide view.

If you look closely, you can see the beginnings of the set up for the new security screening area. The new security area will be on the ground level of the new structure. Currently, it’s on the ground level of Mickey & Friends.

New concrete has also been poured!

Here’s a final ground level view.

Now, let’s hop on the tram and head over. Please keep your hands…arms…feet…and legs inside the tram at all times. 🙂 

NEW RESTAURANT ALERT! Black Tap Burgers just opened this past Saturday!

It was packed, with an hour wait. Everyone wants one of those Crazy Shakes! We opted out and went to Earl of Sandwich instead, but I have been to the Black Tap in New York. It’s a really good restaurant that I recommend!

Time for the main attraction today: Pop Up Disney! It’s located in the former ESPN Zone building.

I think they did a great job with the exterior. Considering what it was before, the color pops and works very nicely.

Big sign right above the check-in desk.

Upon check in, they give you a card. After you get your card, you head into the waiting room and wait for your card color to be read off. Ours was navy blue!

Here is the map of the entire Instagram museum.

Up the stairs we go to the actual exhibits! The first room is dedicated to both Mickey and Minnie!

More and more Mickey!

Me + Mickey 🙂

The next room is called “It all started with a mouse”. It is black and white themed (also perfect for the outfit I wore)!

This was one of my favorite walls in the entire building.

Next room: Mickey’s friendships. More fun photo ops!

After Mickey’s Friendships was Mickey’s Sorcerer Magic, however, it is a very dark room and therefore really tough to get photos in. Let’s go to Mickey Around the World! This wall totally reminds me of Coco 🙂

Two rooms left! Mickey Forever is second to last. This Mickey treats wall is probably my favorite wall overall.

Last room (and my favorite room), Mickey at Disneyland! Two awesome photo opportunities in here. These Mickey balloons are so much fun.

Last shot, the grand finale!

On the way up back to the car, we saw something VERY interesting! Stroller measurement stations are now in place! Effective TODAY, strollers must be 31″ x 52″. A great change that needed to be done IMO.

Finally, new electronic parking assisters are in place, which will allow Disney and guests to know how many spots are available on each level.

THANK YOU for reading this update. I really appreciate it. More Disneyland updates coming VERY soon.

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