Small Parks of Nederlands – Drievliet + Duinrell

Alexander: Here’s the scoop.

We missed out on a day of parks (I’m sure everyone can relate) while we were in Nederlands. Victims of circumstance, and with several credits in question, Sean and I decided to try and cram two small Dutch parks into 1 hour.

Exactly one hour.

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0:00: We arrived at Drievliet, a nice little family park with 3-4 coasters.

0:05: First credit procured – a unique Maurer family spinner called Twistrix.

0:07: Second credit procured: a custom launched Maurer X-Car coaster, Formule X. Surprisingly good; echoes our beloved Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit.

0:09: Gotta take some time to photograph this very cool coaster! If you picture a Permier Rides Sky Rocket II, but a landscape instead of a portrait, you get Formule X.

Would love to see a clone of this at some random park in the Western Hemisphere. So far the only clone is at Happy Valley Wuhan.

0:12: Kopermijn! Should come as no surprise by now that this mouse is a Maurer as well. 

0:15: We made time for Drievliet’s excellent custom Mack Blauer Enzien, Dynamite Express. Time to hit the next park!

0:45: Half an hour later, we’ve driven to (and entered) Duinrell, one of Nederland’s premier theme park resorts. 

0:50: we made our way all the way to the back of the resort, where the rides are. First up is Falcon, a Gerstlauer Euro Fighter 320 with *beautiful* foliage.

Actually, all of the coasters here are threaded through breathtaking forestry. Dragonfly, a custom Gerstlauer family coaster, is also intertwined with a Huss Top Spin.

0:54: Dragonfly was great, but there’s no time to linger! We still have one more credit to catch!

0:56: just a few more pictures!

0:58: Success! With a ride on the Tivoli double figure-8 Kikkerachtbaan, we’ve nabbed all possible credits at two parks in one hour!

While it was a crazy, stressful feat that didn’t afford us much time to appreciate these parks, the thrill of grabbing credits at a breakneck pace is a unique thrill all its own!

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