Six Flags Magic Mountain Park Update – June 10th, 2019

Derrion: We are back at Six Flags Magic Mountain for a huge update. The summer season is beginning to pick up and we could not be more excited. Let’s take a look at the new changes in the park!

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Park Update

The day before my visit, there was a brush fire on property. County fire officials at one point declared the roads to be unsafe and enforced guest to seek shelter within the park.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and the park re-opened the same day to close later at 4 pm. There was no structural damage on property. Its interesting how close this fire got to the entrance of the park and I appreciate our  hard working fire fighters.

However, it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit majority of the visit today. The summer weather is back in Southern California, and what better way than to visit Hurricane Harbor that’s now open daily.

I will forever be grateful for the shaded regions of the security clearance. There is a new Diamond member entrance and  I truly recommend becoming a member of the park. There are so many perks and worthwhile discounts.

Staying cool was my primary mission on this visit. En route to Jet Stream , we decided to take the Helpful Honda Express up the hill to walk down the back side of the mountain. This is another great reason magic mountain needs to add more in park transportation.

Jet Stream was fun as always. We were in for a treat as Tidal Wave had just re-opened. Don’t you love when this happens at a park?  Usually there is only one boat that runs, so it was neat to be able to get a small splash without the long wait in the sun.

Riding Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is another great way to cool down. The 23,000 square foot building has an air conditioning unit that is the largest at the park, which means this is where you go to get a well needed break out of the sun.

I am sure this mural was here before on the entry way to DC Universe but I have never noticed it before. Who else is a big fan of the DC Titans?

Did I mention it was hot outside! Be sure to stay hydrated and if for any reason you need first aid it can be found just the the right of DC Universe. The team members have moved outside of their building as it receives interior renovation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has done an amazing job at opening more dining spots throughout the park. Most of the restaurants in the park are back open for the summer season, including the Soda Shack at the bottom of Samurai Summit near Gold Rusher.

I was very happy to see that the park brought back the Mexican food at Food Etc. It was replaced a couple months ago with Loaded Dogs that was moved from the Full Throttle plaza after the new Go Fresh Cafe opened to offer many more vegetarian cuisines.

The popular burger stands was closed on this visit. It is also receiving interior renovation.

We could not get a ride on Ninja this visit. There is no word as to why the attraction was closed for the past few days, it may be related to West Coast Racers construction.

The good news however, is that the popular Kwerk show will be returning this weekend. If you have not seen the show we highly recommend it. Guess what? It’s a neat way to stay cool.

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