The Adventure’s in Michigan: Michigan’s Adventure

Sean: Good morning from a park we’ve always wanted to visit, for the strange reason that no one really talks about the park besides their lack of new attractions. Let’s head in to the Michigan’s largest theme park, and find out what we think of the aesthetic and attractions!

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We have arrived to the Muskegon Cedar Fair park with the particularly mundane entrance. Let’s see to what extent that carries on inside!

Am I in a city park? Or a correctional facility? Or just another Cedar Fair park? Let it be known, however, that the staff was incredibly nice and welcoming.

Our first coaster of the day was the legendary out-and-back CCI coaster: Shivering Timbers!

The park was running the 5,383 ft long coaster with two trains during our visit, keeping the lines to a minimum. However the trains stacked pretty badly, not something I even thought possible on a ride as long as this. The landscaping around the queue was quite nice.

Shivering Timbers itself is a pretty marvelous and impressive ride. The ride is only 122 ft tall, but has a very long track layout. Unfortunately there were several pretty bad potholes in the ride, some so bad we returned with pain in our backs to the station.

We gave the ride another chance and sat in the front of the train rather than the back and still experienced the discomfort. It was not quite as great as people had made it out to be.

However, it was still an incredibly awesome coaster, you can’t beat the length and pacing!

The massive coaster is best observed from the park’s parking lot booths, the parking lot adjacent to the ride does not seem to have been used in several years however.

Here’s one last picture of the park’s star attraction that came in as our #2 of the day. What will be our #1 coaster in the park? You’ll see soon enough.

Next up was the park’s other woodie, the bigger more pleasant surprise! The ride always received bad reviews in the industry for being rough and being a worse version on Phoenix at Knoebels. However, Wolverine Wildcat ran very well, was smooth and an overall enjoyable experience.

The ride’s setting is also wonderful, being located on the park’s central lake where some of the park’s biggest rides meet!

The park feels slightly concrete-y and lacks some character in spots, but at the same time there are moments like these where the park does feel stunning.

Back to the concrete front of the park where we find Corkscrew, the park’s classic Arrow coaster.

The colors for the ride are great, and definitely scream Cedar Fair to me. I am actually glad Cedar Fair took this park over in 2001, as prior to their involvement the park really was nothing but concrete pads and bad landscaping. The park’s landscaping is well-maintained and trees and plants planted around the rides are growing in nicely.

A fun little first drop! Also notice the brake mechanisms and catwalks are a different color than the track on the brakes!

Thanks to large school groups the park’s rides were filling trains!

Quintessential Cedar Fair ride, check!

The lake itself has rides spread around it. This kind of creates the illusion that the park has a full-circle layout, but it does not. It’s a giant U-shape and thus getting from Shivering Timbers to Thunderhawk is quite a walk.

I felt as if I was in Roller Coaster Tycoon because the park even has their own cute mini-golf course!

Fancy a classic Cedar Point swan boat ride? Travel to Michigan’s Adventure and you can!

The sun was coming out and it turned out to be a really nice day at the park. So far, I am actually quite impressed!

Two woodies in their natural habitat!

Continue on page 2 for our #1 coaster at the park, the park’s kiddie and family coasters and our reasoning for why the park does not get big capital investments!

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