The Adventure’s in Michigan: Michigan’s Adventure

And now for the park’s best coaster, in our opinion… THUNDERHAWK! Which is arguably the best Vekoma SLC on the planet.

We love our Vekoma SLCs but we were stunned by the fact that Thunderhawk was this smooth, this rerideable and the best maintained coaster in the park!

The Suspended Looping Coaster has gorgeous ride vehicles, but also gorgeous landscaping, beautiful signage and a particularly nice looking station compared to the rest of the park.

Kudos to the ride’s amazing staff that was so excited to be operating the ride and we had some fun conversations with them. In addition, they were not stacking any trains and were running a very efficient operation. Quite nice as the ride actually got some lines due to popularity!

It’s nice to visit a park where the SLC was the last major roller coaster added and it is so well loved. It also really impresses me that this coaster was a relocation from Geauga Lake and yet runs so well!

Make sure to give this SLC a chance on your visit to the park, you won’t be disappointed!

Goodbye Thunderhawk, we’ll catch you later!

Another look at the beauty side of the park!

We can’t go to a park and not ride all the credits! The park’s kiddie area is part of the entrance and a concrete mess, definitely the uglier side of things. Zach’s Zoomer, the kiddie woodie was a fun ride though!

And so was the Chance Big Dipper!

We had one ride left to ride and that was the amazing Arrow Dynamics Wild Mouse named Mad Mouse! The ride was running fast, no trims, dispatching fast, and had some awesome pops of airtime. I can’t believe how much better these are than the standard Mack variations!

We got stuck at the end of the ride and got evacuated! Here’s to having a unique evac-credit on Mad Mouse!

We still had a few moments before heading back to the airport for our flight to Orlando, so we checked out the park’s classic Arrow log flume! It’s mostly elevated above a giant grass patch and has an awful concrete ending. The ride, however, was fun and scenic and a great way to end the visit!

To answer the burning question of why Michigan’s Adventure seems to be such an underdog in the Cedar Fair chain despite being a well-loved park with great profits… the park’s operating schedule is to blame. Michigan’s Adventure is open for only about 3 months, Memorial Day-Labor Day. Some of these weeks, the park is only open on weekends. There is no possible way for this park to bring in enough revenue to maintain itself and to build major capital expansions when the park’s gates are shut 9 months out of the year. The park is well-loved, the park is well-maintained, but there is an obvious reason why large investments are not needed. It’s the only park in the region with little competition and a particularly short operating season. Don’t let that keep you from visiting!

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