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In October of 2018, Poland’s biggest amusement park, Energylandia announced that they would be building a ground-up I-Box hybrid coaster and it was to be manufactured by RMC.

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We’re now in June of 2019 and the soon to be tallest hybrid coaster in Europe is taking a dominant position in the skyline of the park. The support structure holding up the 196ft lift hill and zero-g stall element is all but completed and track work on the lift hill is close to being done with only around ¼ of the hill left to be tracked, this along with the end of the layout is the only track work to be completed as of yet. This is due to the focus of the team being drawn as of late, the area in the park where Zadra (Polish for Splinter) is sitting will need an underpass to reach under the road separating it from the rest of the park, the area will also be heavily themed with a monorail and a Preston & Barbieri junior coaster making it an a fully fledged area of the park, rather than just one attraction for guests to enjoy.

The construction team has been working at a good pace to get everything built with progress on the architecture and what i believe to be Zadra‘s station taking place during my visit meaning the build is on track for its April 6th 2020 opening. Zadra is looking to be one of Europe’s best  coasters with enthusiasts from the world over planning on taking the trek to Zator next Spring.

Zadra is going to be 196ft tall, reach a top speed of 72 mph and feature 3 inversion including a zero-g roll. Zadra will be only the 3rd RMC roller coaster in Europe and is likely to be one of the best in the world. A long with Hyperion, the parks Intamin hyper coaster, Energylandia is shaping up to be the roller coaster capital of Europe.

With all the hype surrounding the hybrid coaster, it’s easy to forget that Zadra may not hold the spotlight for long. During my visit to the park, track for the parks next major coaster was already on site, it’s looking to be a new thrill coaster from Vekoma with many speculating it could be the long awaited ‘Top Gun’ model that was announced in April 2018.

This highlights the insane funding the park is receiving from the EU with them adding major attractions multiple times a year – We saw this in 2018 with the opening of a duo of Intamin roller coasters; Hyperion, a hyper coaster, and Speed, a water coaster. It’s certainly very exciting to see what this relatively young park will add next but for now we have a world class wooden roller coaster to look forward to.

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