Land of Legends & Fury at Bobbejaanland!

Sven: Fury sparkles as the newest coaster addition in Belgium. The ride has some unique features and finally puts Bobbejaanland back on the map. But besides the ride, they opened a brand new area at the park to accommodate this interesting new coaster. Ready to battle the threats?

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The sun blazes over Europe at the moment, but that didn’t stop us from facing the heat and enjoy Fury. When entering the park, you bump into the new sign of the area.

But there’s more, the area has a whole story around the four elements. And there’s one who guards them all!

Meet the Guardian of Elements, who carried the four elements Water, Fire, Earth and Wind inside of him. With those, he created four realms to hold one of each. At the same time, dark forces were created as well that threaten those realms. It’s up to you to help protect them. As you stand in front of him, you have the choice between four stone archways.

Let’s start with the familiar rides. Typhoon got a new entrance with quite some theming! The green in the area looks amazing!

The downside on this, is that guests can’t seem to find the entrance anymore. It used to be right next to the boarding station but now it’s quite a walk around. They need to finetune their signage on that for sure. Typhoon remains a well-known classic in Belgium so it can still compete with the newest addition.

People still love the drop on this ride the most. The thrill takes them down to face the witch Wayra who’s angry about how winds destroyed her house. At least, that’s how the story goes!

The second realm, the Earth Realm, makes you face the giant Maapollo. The new entrance to the Sledgehammer ride feels a lot more immersive than before. The giant hand adds a lot of value for sure.

The ride didn’t really change besides some new paint and theming. What did change however is the view. We got lucky that while riding, Fury was running at the same time. So swimming right next to a train reaching the top hat was such a satisfying moment as a coaster enthusiast!

Still my favorite thrill ride in the Benelux!

Alright, now that we already teased some track, let’s go to the brand new Infinity coaster: Fury!

Here the story goes that together with the Fire Knights, you need to face dragon Fogo.

To do that, you have two options. You either do it forwards…

…or backwards!

In the station, you have two options. The left queue only goes forwards. The right queue gives you access to the vote buttons that are installed on the restrains. Push the arrow going up to vote for forwards or the arrow going down to go backwards. If you have more than half, that’s the direction for your ride! Is there a tie? Than the system chooses for you. By the way, at the moment there is still no signage on which side is which. So it’s good to know!

Alright, let’s discuss the layout. First of you enter a platform which turns you into the selected direction. Then, you’re up for three launches!

The second launch, takes you up the spike and to a very decent height! A view that’s really enjoyable when you’re in a backwards train!

The most powerful launch, the third launch, takes you up the top hat. It’s very enjoyable and comparable to Taron’s first launch. The best way to experience this element: facing forward.

After this you dive down all the way back to the ground to go into the first inversion.  Or at least, that’s how we consider it cause I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion about which elements are inversions and which ones not. In any case, this Corkscrew that follows after the drop holds the crown of being my favorite element. Visually stunning and it feels pretty good too. Enjoyable in both directions!

Then you dive down towards a midsection (without brakes) for another dive into the second clear inversion.

This one feels very intense with loads of positive g-forces. Sometimes even a bit too much for my taste even. Still, it’s a defining element for this coaster for sure.

After that, you dive into a brake section followed by the Scorpion Tail. Here, I would have preferred that it went a bit higher up. Best enjoyed in forward direction by the way.

And that’s Fury! I guess you can consider it a Shuttle coaster but with a decent length. Overall, I prefer the forwards direction but it’s pretty unique that you can vote for backwards too. My very first ride was backwards and it did make me feel a bit strange about the coaster. It’s intense, but not as intense as I expected. It doesn’t feel unnatural at all, but not as enjoyable as forwards.

The forwards experience made it the best coaster in Belgium for me. If you want to compare it to a similar coaster, I might say Star Trek: Operation Enterprise but not as good as Lost Gravity. I do have to admit that my expectations for this ride were pretty high and that left me slightly disappointed. When I think about Infinity coaster, the first one that comes to mind is Kärnan. Obviously, it’s not that level of a coaster.

Theming wise, you feel they did a great effort in terms of Bobbejaanland. Still, the fences could have been different from the standard ones to fit more with the medieval theme. A great plus however for the atmosphere, is the music by IMAscore! It does have a high level of Avalon feel to it though.

Before we jump to our conclusion about this ride, let’s not forget the fourth realm! The Water element is represented by Naiads Waters. A water playground for children which is very popular at the moment!

One things for sure, these additions are a hit for Bobbejaanland. The park as a whole looked stunning and the new themed area adds up nicely to the existing ones. It’s a collection of three of their major rides and a nice addition for kids.

As for Fury, the coaster Bobbejaanland needed! Even though I don’t rank it among Europe’s best coasters, it does put the park on the European coaster map. If the number of coasters wasn’t a convincer to go to this park, Fury definitely is. It’s very repeatable as a coaster, especially given the choice of direction. So congrats to Bobbejaanland for building this and we’ll see you again soon!

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