West Coast Racers Update – Mid-June 2019

Sean: Alex and I were thrilled to be back in Valencia where we previously lived. Of course no visit to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain! We already launched a quick trip report from our visit, but here’s the construction update for West Coast Racers you probably wanted to see!

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When parking your vehicle the sheer amount of track and support pieces spread over the overflow lots is quite a sight.

Beautiful twisted pieces of Premier Rides track welcome you as you head into the park, but also providing a fair warning that the new-for-2019 coaster is nowhere near finished.

One last shot of the many track pieces waiting to be brought to the construction site, before taking an actual look at the construction site!

We’re excited to report that since the website’s last report just a few days ago A LOT of construction work has been done. The track for all launches have been placed, including over the concrete riverbed behind the buildings in the area.

From a distance West Coast Racers is really starting to dominate the corner of the park. Such a pleasant looking color scheme too!

While 10,000 homes are about to pop up in the background, Six Flags Magic Mountain is making sure to have well-established this corner of the park with two thrill rides.

The first inversion of West Coast Racers has been added along with the brake-run and launches.

Is it me or the coaster blend pretty well with the surroundings?

The ride’s drop over the entrance to Apocalypse, as well as the High-5 element have been completed as well!

Hi Ninja! Or should I say “Hi-Ya Ninja“?

The most-exciting looking part of the ride so far is what the park calls the “Spaghetti Bowl”.

Back to the beginning of the ride, most of the construction that took place next to Ninja has been completed. LIMs have already been added to the launch tracks as well. – Oh hey Ninja!

Supports wise the back end of the ride, surrounding the Totally Kickin’ Chicken restaurant, has been mostly completed. You will see black supports sticking out into the landscape.

The current support-mess and track seen in the spaghetti bowl is about as much as we’ll see for a little while. The first half of the element still requires footers to be poured, 60 feet deep for earthquake code. So that’s expected to take a bit.

Meanwhile I’m impressed with how much of the Cyclone 500 will actually stay in tact!

Check out page 2 for a closer look with more can’t-miss information and pictures!

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