Six Flags Magic Mountain – Mid June

Alexander: It’s a real pleasure to be back in our old home park. Six months since our move to Orlando and Magic Mountain feels more special than ever.

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Home again. <3

Here’s Sean with our child.

Is there a more valuable spot on Earth than Baja Ridge? Hard to say, tbh.

Our visit coincided with American Coaster Enthusiasts’ 42nd Annual Coaster Con, and Six Flags Magic Mountain was hard at work dazzling the masses. All (operating) coasters are giving the best rides of their lives right now. 

X2 is running glassy smooth. Viper is running like a dream. Revolution sports a completely refurbished red train.

Operations are fabulous, downtime is minimal, and staff are hyped to host ACE.

You know what the next most important place on Earth is?

Samurai Summit, of course! Ninja is busy wooing the masses with its splendid pacing and spectacular near-misses with its new neighbor (more on that later).

FT is, you know… here.

Ok, back to Ninja.

West Coast Racers is REMARKABLY close to Ninja. Some of these clearances are amazing. 

Life finds a way: the hillside is starting resemble its pre-2014 haircut in some places. 

Ah, Riddler. Still the best non-Arrow ride at Magic Mountain!

Is there anything prettier than Riddler’s exotic hues bathing in the afternoon sun?

As skeptical as we were about this paint job, we’re now incredibly attached to it. It looks great on SFNE’s newly-dubbed Riddler as well!

Riddler’s greatness cannot be understated. It’s no just one of the best at SFMM. It’s not just one of the best Stand-Ups. It’s no less than one of B&M’s greatest accomplishments.

Admittedly, we discovered this year that we’re actually also huge fans of Riddler’s counterparts: SFGAd’s Green Lantern and Cedar Point’s Rougarou.

However, there’s no arguing that Riddler is B&M achieving total nirvana after steadily improving on the Stand-Up concept.

CraZanity is almost a year old and the public still overwhelms the ride with praise and crowds. Eager to see more flat rides for Magic Mountain in the future!

Tatsu is brilliant in the afternoon sun as well, but it’s no Riddler. ; )

Goodnight Magic Mountain! Thank you for a wonderful day!

NOW LIVE: A giant West Coast Racers update! The ride is starting to look quite amazing; we’re a lot more excited for it than we thought we’d be!

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  1. We rode X2 on June 20th and it was perfectly smooth, even in the back row outside seat. How do they do that? And why don’t they do it all the time? Also notable: there are no more 1-ride-only on the flash pass. We re-rode X2 and TC as fast as we could walk around. But Superman is still not included. I share your love of Viper but I’ll never understand why you like Riddler’s so much. I usually have no problem with head banging on OTSRs but Riddler is painful for me. I rode Green Lantern at SFGA earlier this month and it was horrible for me.

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