Kondaa Construction Update – February 2021

Walibi Belgium has been working on their new Intamin Mega Coaster, which has been confirmed to be named Kondaa, during the whole winter season. So, it was long overdue for us to take another visit and show their progress to the world. We mainly got some shots of the new area around Kondaa which will be heavily themed and we got some looks at the station area.

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No Halloween but Music Concerts at Walibi Belgium: Walibi On Stage!

Due to the current circumstances, Walibi Belgium decided to organize a different kind of event at the end of their season. As the music industry struggles, Walibi helps out by organizing “Walibi On Stage”: 8 days of music with more than 150 artists, including Eurovision contestants Loic Nottet and Blanche!

UPDATE: Due to the recent number of increased Covid-19 cases in Belgium, the event got unfortunately cancelled. Please follow the rules and stay safe!

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Walibi Belgium Update – Karma World – April 2019

Sven: It’s the Easter weekend and it’s sunny side up in Belgium. Guests are flowing in theme parks and we walked among them in Walibi Belgium. At the start of the season, the park reopened a new themed area: Karma World. Discover more about the new food, a repainted Cobra and most importantly the world’s first Erratic Dark Ride: Popcorn Revenge! Plus an update on the brand new coaster!

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