Walibi Belgium submits permit applications for a new roller coaster.

Walibi Belgium desires to expand by adding a tenth roller coaster. The amusement park has recently applied for permits for the new roller coaster, which will be part of a revitalization of the area containing the Psyké Underground (indoor shuttle loop coaster) and Flash Back (log flume) rides.

In addition to the permits for the mid-sized family roller coaster that will traverse the revitalized area, permits call for a new restaurant and gift shop. Existing dining space will be eliminated to make room for the new expansion.

Walibi Belgium intends to redesign the area surrounding Psyké Underground and Flash Back. The new roller coaster, whose product line and manufacturer are unknown, will traverse several bodies of water located in the park’s center. In an effort to create a cohesive location, the exits of the three rides that will comprise the new area will be located in close proximity to one another.

Compagnie Des Alpes has been extremely active with expansions and additions. At Walibi Holland, a new family roller coaster has recently launched. In addition, the full-circuit shuttle launch coaster Toutatis opened this year at Parc Asterix, and an Intamin single-rail coaster is currently under construction at the chain’s Rhone Alpes park.

The exact timeline and theme of the new area and roller coaster are unknown. Previously disclosed plans from 2017 called for a harbor motif. Rumors also suggest a heavy focus on an industrial aesthetic to match the original concept of Flash Back, and a return of the shuttle loop’s former moniker and theme, Turbine. The establishment of the area and family coaster is dependent upon the approval of the required permits.

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