Yet another incredible Vekoma coaster that more parks need!

Vekoma’s new designs and models have taken the world by storm, and there is yet another new coaster that numerous parks could use. This time, we’re discussing the Vekoma Super Boomerang: Cloud Shuttle.

Photo provided by Vekoma

Cloud Shuttle is located at Xuzhou Fantawild Park and is the newest boomerang from the manufacturer. Vekoma is well-known for both its traditional Boomerang roller coasters and its modern-day smash success: the Family Boomerang. In addition to the Invertigo models and our personal favorite, the Giant Inverted Boomerang, there is now also the Super Boomerang model.

The coaster has a height of 50 meters and a track length of 436 meters. The roller coaster’s maximum speed is 95 kilometers per hour. The ingenious application of LSMs transforms this into a modern marvel with multiple launches, vertical drops, and other unique inversions.

The roller coaster features an inverted stall, vertical drops, a double-up/down, an upward barrel roll at high speed, and a dive loop. As displayed by Fantawild in Xuzhou, the entire layout fits on a limited plot of land, making it ideal for existing parks to incorporate into their parks or for new parks to use as a centerpiece.

While we have specified the elements above, the video below from MasaneMiyaPA beautifully illustrates the order of elements and the use of LSMs that reportedly create a forceful and flawless ride experience.

It’s great to see yet another new Vekoma model succeeding. Though, because of Vekoma’s great quality and popularity, we may not see this model in Europe or North America anytime soon. I’ll be just as happy to keep riding the Giant Inverted Boomerangs at home until I get to the Super Boomerang.

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