Sweet Valley in Energylandia has been postponed for another year.

Energylandia’s newest themed area is still under construction. Originally, the park intended to debut the new themed section in 2022. Sweet Valley is a candy-themed land with two new roller coasters.

Energylandia has a reputation for quickly introducing new rides and themed zones. However, they appear to have encountered some difficulties with the project.

When the park was unable to open Sweet Valley in 2022, they attempted to open in summer 2023. That does not appear to be the case either. Energylandia has now posted on its Instagram account that guests must be patient and that the new expected opening date for Sweet Valley is 2024.

In early 2021, one of the roller coasters was actively being tested. However, the public is still unable to access the new area two years later. Rumors stated that financial concerns were to blame, but design and construction firms collaborating with Energylandia say such is not the case.

Vekoma will be the manufacturer of both of Sweet Valley’s new roller coasters. Choco Chip Creek is a mine train coaster 1200m long with three lift hills. Honey Harbour is another Vekoma Family Coaster, of which Energylandia already boasts a variety of configurations.

Fingers crossed we can finally visit Sweet Valley next summer!

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