We’re Pretty Sure We Know What Six Flags Great Adventure’s New Coaster is

Six Flags Great Adventure shared a teaser message on social media about their upcoming attraction for 2024. However, the information in the message leads to a very thrilling new roller coaster design.

Today Six Flags Great Adventure posted a cryptic math equation on X (previously known as Twitter):

What does it mean? We have a guess: 4 inversions, 50m tall, 48in height requirement, 15th coaster at the park, 24 passenger train (or “New for ’24”), and 436m long. The 10 isn’t clear – could be 10 seconds of airtime, or a perfect 10/10 ride? But in any case, all of these stats are true of a Vekoma Super Boomerang, with the height and length being the most obvious clues:

Now of course, nothing is announced until it’s announced, but I think we have a pretty good guess. Our fingers are crossed, as this generation of Vekoma is something new for North America, and the POV for this thing looks incredible. We recently took a detailed look at the new coaster model: A closer look at the Vekoma Super Boomerang.

Cloud Shuttle at Xuzhou Fantawild Park (Vekoma Super Boomerang) POV

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