Kondaa Construction Update – February 2021

Walibi Belgium has been working on their new Intamin Mega Coaster, which has been confirmed to be named Kondaa, during the whole winter season. So, it was long overdue for us to take another visit and show their progress to the world. We mainly got some shots of the new area around Kondaa which will be heavily themed and we got some looks at the station area.

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Since it’s still winter closing season in Belgium, the park was not open. Luckily, Kondaa is located on the far edge of the park right next to a public road. This makes it really easy for us enthusiasts to get good views of the coaster and the whole area. There’s even a little viewing area that’s been created due to everyone wanting to take a look at the new coaster. First, we took a look at the area from the road and we saw some cool theming elements that the workers were building. The area will have a jungle theme and there will be sticks and wooden poles everywhere throughout the area. The ride itself is themed to some sort of mythical snake-like beast and there seem to be carvings and statues all throughout the area of this beast. In the middle of the area, there will be a theming element that consists of a tree which will be shaped like the beast. The area will also consist of a new toilet block, a new restaurant located between Gerstlauer Bobsled Coaster Tiki Waka and the new area, and there will be a Zamperla Barnstormer ride which will be relocated from the kid’s area Fun World. You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

We then moved to the little viewing area, which had a nice view of the end of the ride and the station. As you can see, the second train was sitting in storage when we visited. The day after our visit, the park started testing the ride with both trains, which is some good progress! The other train was in the station and we could see the baggage storing area. This confirms that there won’t be any lockers before entering the queue. There seems to be an automatic pneumonic switch to open the storage for either the first or the second train. This system reminds me of the one that can be found on Pulsar at the same park. Pulsar has a good baggage system that opens from both sides and which opens for both boats on the right side at the right time. There doesn’t seem to be 2 sides to this system but I reckon it’ll be a good system anyways. Afterwards, we just tried to get some good shots of the coaster, which looks amazing in our opinion! You can click on each image and swipe to take a closer look!

We’re really excited to ride this new coaster and we think it’ll be amazing. Let’s hope Walibi Belgium will be able to open on their planned opening day, April 3rd. If you want to check out some views of the finished layout from last year, check out this other article! Join in on the discussion on our Discord server and follow our Twitter for instant updates from the parks!

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