Mega Coaster Update – Walibi Belgium – October 2020

After quite some time, we finally got out to Walibi Belgium again to take a look at the finished layout of their well-known new Intamin mega coaster coming in 2021. We got some shots of work being done in its new area and some amazing views of the completed track.

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After riding some other rides, we arrived at Tiki Waka and we were greeted by this amazing view that I could definitely get used to!

We got in the queue for Tiki Waka and as expected, we got a perfect view of the new area around the mega coaster. Unfortunately, they seemed to be decorating the other side of the coaster station so we could not get a great view of that.

Right where the Go Karts and midway used to be across the water, they were laying foundations for a pretty big building which probably will be the new themed restaurant!

A little further on in the day, we were very happy to see that Calamity Mine had reopened around noon after being closed for a few weeks. The queue offered some amazing views of the new coaster.

With the afternoon sun shining in the background and Calamity Mine‘s fountain in front, we got a good look at the world’s first non-inverting cobra roll, from which the name really makes us think of Untamed and it’s elements with long names, which coincidentally opened at Walibi’s sister park last year!

Still blinded by the sun, we also got our first good look at the coaster’s outerbank, which will certainly just rip riders out of their seats after flying over the first airtime hill!

Afterwards, we went to Calamity Mine‘s viewing area which now shows you a part of the new coaster’s beautiful skyline!

We also took a closer look at the magnificent looking outerbank from up there, airtime for days so to see!

We got some rides on Dalton Terror, but our last ride in the 5th vehicle, we just couldn’t keep ourselves from capturing the amazing view of the whole coaster, and it was definitely worth it!

As far as we’ve seen thus far, this coaster will be amazing and it could very well become one of the best in the whole world! We’re really looking forward to inviting people from all over the world to finally visit Walibi Belgium and ride this coaster and everything else the park has to offer!

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