SHOP – 5 New Landmark Designs

After launching our Coaster Line last week, we’re now adding five new pieces to form the Coasters and Landmarks Line. These new pieces take us across the globe to some of the most iconic landmarks in the themed entertainment industry. Carefully chosen and designed based on our love for these remarkable icons, this week’s wonderous landmark designs can’t be missed:

Big Bolt Canyon

A rocky mine train journey through the canyons of the American West, this landmark is a staple at four incredibly famous theme parks. No matter which of these railroads you have traversed, this design is paying homage to all four installations that have continued to thrill families for the past few decades. This design’s color palette brings the golden frontier to a variation of background colors, for endless possibilities.

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Swiss Mountain

Historically significant to coaster enthusiasts and themed entertainment lovers alike, this landmark brings the snowy caps of the Matterhorn to Southern California. A classic and thrilling bobsled journey through the mountain brings you face to face with the abominable snowman and may even get you wet during the attraction’s infamous finale. This icy design is presented with several cool and dark background options that really bring this landmark’s atmosphere to life.

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Himalayan Expedition

Our recent fascination with the 47-hour train ride from Beijing to Tibet on the world’s highest elevated railroad sparked the interest in bringing this theme park icon to life in our newest design. Best enjoyed at night, this high-elevation train ride to Mt. Everest features a thrilling composition of ride elements and an encounter with the legendary yeti deep in the Himalayas. This design captures the mystery of the Himalayan Expedition best with dark backgrounds such as black and navy.

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Passage to the Heart of the Planet

A legendary Jules Verne story is brought to life at one of the world’s best theme parks. This new design brings a spark of Japanese pop culture to the mystery of this daring passage to the heart of the planet. This volcanic icon’s world-class ocean inspired destination, too, is represented in the design. The cool, water-inspired piece features Japanese characters and pairs with a wide variety of background options.

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We hold this design very dear, and we’re excited to share it with you! Inspired by one of our favorite theme park destinations and countries on earth, this pink piece combines an incredible new icon for Shanghai, with the carefully chosen word “Wonder” in mandarin. We wanted to capture this landmark’s attention to detail as well as its atmosphere while paying homage to the way we feel when we venture through its gates. This is our first piece with a heavy focus on pink, which we’ve paired with a few fun background colors making this design both sophisticated and playful.

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