Halloween at Walibi Belgium 2023

Pumpkins, scary mazes, and the circus – Halloween is back at Walibi Belgium with 10 extended evenings this year. We visited the park and got to discover all the mazes and scare zones during a frightening event. But also families can enjoy the family days!

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We received a warm welcome by the park and they explained what’s new for this year’s Halloween. Families will enjoy 6 different extra activities, including one new family friendly scare maze. The Pumpkin Farm returns from previous years as well as the Freaks show but with brand new acts. In the 4D Cinema, the Dracula 4D movie plays on the screen again and the Psycho Circus area got upgraded to an XXL experience. Eating can be done at the Freaky Pizza Festival where an entertaining buffet of pizzas and pennes won’t leave you hungry.

The final item on the list also counts as the best one: The Phantom Express scare maze. Not so scary as it seems but very well themed and free of charge! We really loved this addition as both kids and adults will enjoy it.

Now time for the scary part: 4 mazes entertain guests this year with the return but updated Nagulai and The Curse of Amun. Mine Blast returned as well, and the newest maze of the bunch is Pandemonium. They only open during the extended evenings events – 10 nights in total.

The park focused on the 5 scare zones as well, as everyone can enjoy them for free. Psycho Circus XXL as mentioned before, turns up the scary volume at night. Three new zones opened: Mandu in Karma World, Gaz Leak in the Western area and Doomed Ruins near the Challenge of Tutankhamon ride. Finally, the fan favorite Rebellion Land got bigger than ever and you’ll want to pay a visit there.

When we walked into the park itself, we immediately ticked of some the highlight attractions. The sunny morning drove us to the back of the park for a ride on Kondaa. It still need to warm up more but we knew we would have some rides in the dark on this one to look forward too!

Pulsar ran with two boats which you need during the Halloween season! Mind you that when taking videos of the splash zone you need to be careful where to stand. Luckily I prepared myself for bad weather so besides my pants, I wore a waterproof outfit! You’ll see the result passing by on our Instagram channel though.

Walibi Belgium opened a brand new ride for this year: Silverton. This Technical Park flat ride replaced the former dodgems of the park. It has both sound and smoke effects which will give you a wild swing!

We walked around the Pumpkin Farm which had several buttons scattered around to activate some interactive elements. Unfortunately, not all of them worked but as they held their first Halloween day, those kinds of bugs can happen. Children will have a great time here!

A must see during the day happens at the theater of the park: The Freak Show. A nice collection of frightening acts supported by live music. We were on the edge of our seats sometimes so be ready for some weird and exciting stuff! We won’t spoil it but you might want to find a certain dentist, hairdresser and apple seller.

Now let’s talk about the scare mazes. They open at different times so you can basically start a maze every hour. The first one we tried in Karma World: Nagulai. An Oriental themed maze updated from previous years matching perfectly with the style of the area. Some scenes had really nice theming, but it relied too much on actors shouting instead of working more with jump scares. Another issue here: way too dark. So we missed out on getting scared by some of the acts. You could feel the direction in which they tried to go but it needs more fine-tuning. Some rooms really stood out nicely atmosphere wise though.

Next up near Challenge of Tutankham: The Curse of Amun. Another maze that got updated in comparison to last seasons. The beginning of the maze didn’t immediately transport you into the mummy theme but eventually it became a lot more clear. In comparison to the previous one, they had nice jump scares that caught us. The final scene had a great special effect that set the atmosphere, but the route itself got a bit predictable. The park brought one of the major themed elements outside to make the entrance of the maze more appealing. And it had more functions but we’ll get to that later.

Third up is Mine Blast! This maze entertains guests for already a few seasons but it remains a hit for several reasons. First of all, it’s free! So expect some long queues in the evening. Secondly, it remains a very well themed one. As anyone can experience it, they have to maintain a good capacity which you notice when walking through. Overall, as it matches perfectly within the western area and it’s great use of the former Dalton Terror indoor queue, we quite liked it!

The final maze in the list got added just this year: Pandemonium. Right in front of the Loup Garou wooden coaster and part of the Psycho Circus XXL area, you can start entering this one in the evening. The mazes brings guests to an old circus where they will go both indoor and outdoor so definitely one to experience after dark. When greeted by a scary but entertaining circus director, you begin your walkthrough through the newest scare maze of Walibi Belgium till this day. Below you can find the map!

My favorite part is about halfway when you go on the Walibi stage as it got integrated into the maze. There you literally go backstage to see props and get scared of course. In this scare maze, they used more jump scares again which made it more fun. Overall, not my favorite maze of the 4 but it felt different compared the usual Walibi Belgium mazes.

Now for the scare zones, two of them didn’t really stand out to us: Mandu and Gaz Leak. Each scare zone has a “moment” during which the scare actors gather and do a short show performance but other than that, you just had actors walking around in these areas. It would be nice to add some more decorational elements that the actors can use for scares.

Doomed Ruins had this, which makes it the best new zone. A small tent camp got set up in which you can walk around and be surprised by the actors. The large Pharaoh statue also gave a nice show element from now and then with fire and lasers.

Psycho Circus XXL brings a lot of atmosphere to the area as they went all out. The advantage here is that they can use it for both the families and the frightening days.

The best area of the park during Halloween remains Rebellion Land. In between the main entrance and area entrance, you just have some scare actors but inside you have a mini festival! Lights, music, fire and shows!

One of the shows brings a bunch of BMX and motorbike stunt men on the stage with some wonderful performances. Supported by a DJ and kick-ass music, you are in for a show with these guys.

Overall, Walibi Belgium offers a nice line-up of Halloween activities for younger kids but also those looking for a bit more scary stuff. They will need to keep it up to maintaining a good standard as more and more parks invest heavily to offering a strong Halloween event. Rebellion Land already gives enough reason to visit so do so before November 5th!

If you don’t like Halloween that much, Walibi Belgium will open up for the first time fully during the winter so you’ll have another chance of visiting the park again this year!

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