Horrorland Review 2023

It is that time of the year again! Monsters and ghouls prepare for this Halloween season, and the Spanish scream park Horrorland is now celebrating its 5th Anniversary. Let’s take a closer look!

Where all your nightmares come true

Horrorland is a scream park located near Barcelona, Spain. It has everything you can expect from a horror event: 7 different haunted houses, entertainment, food offerings and, after all, a spooky atmosphere which is perfect for this season!

Mortimer, the mascot of the park! (He is the one on the right, don’t get confused!)

Haunted Houses

2023 is a special year for the park as they’re celebrating their 5th edition. Among the new things we can find there are two new haunted houses, a brand new extreme house, new shows and unique food offerings.


The first of their new haunted houses is Trashville, themed to a hillbilly town in the Deep South. It gives vibes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in a nasty, hostile environment.

And oh my, it is SO great!! One could say it’s the best house this year. Even though it’s an outdoor one it is beautifully themed, packed with props that make the experience stand out. The actors are excellent too, very committed to their variety of roles and a lot of interaction with the guests. The finale is surprising – a raised wooden maze with dead ends and chainsaw inhabitants!


Catchy and clever names are now a trademark of the park, and the name of this house is a pun I adore! Bloodbuster is a movie themed haunted house that explores diverse horror topics such as bug infestation, possessed dolls, aliens and even German expressionism.

At a video store, a portal has somehow oppened and now we are able to enter B-movies! Such a cool concept with an excellent execution. This haunted house is comprised of smaller scenes with different themes, some better than others, but all of them adding to the whole. I would’ve loved to see a conclusion to the story, a final plot twist to surprise guests. Still an awesome addition to the lineup!

Exxxtreme Dates

This year’s Extreme House is inspired by dating TV shows. The exact experience is, as always, a secret. But we do know that the content is very explicit and that you face the house alone! I have to confess these extreme houses are a bit too much for me and their sexual theme isn’t my cup of tea. But it is fun to watch the reaction of people who have completed the experience!

Returning Haunted Houses

As in previous years, we can still enjoy all of their superb experiences. Hell Cell is a scare maze with a more traditional structure, this year changing out their male inmates for female prisoners. The vulgar language the jailbirds fling around as insults makes it more offensive and repulsive than scary.

Motor Skills is less of a haunted house and more of a interactive game. If you know the videogame Dead by Deadlight you’ll love this. There are 3 stages and a puzzle you have to solve with your team. But, just like the game… there are hunters lurking around.

Three houses without changes this edition are McAbro, Urbex Z and Survival Maze Arena:

In McAbro, a fast food restaurant managed by killer clowns where they try to get new meat… from the guests! A unique dynamic is that you can wear a glow stick for a more intense interaction with the clowns. In this scare maze I’ve been locked in a freezer, my hand has been fried, my head has been put on an oven and I’ve been plastic-wrapped to my whole party… Crazy fun!

Urbex Z is a zombie themed haunted house with excellent set design. You can also rent a laser gun to shoot the zombies! It’s exciting, it’s claustrophobic, it’s immersive and it has a breathtaking start. I love it.

Finally, Survival Maze Arena might be the most unique and fun experience at the park. Think of a reality show where you’re put into a maze filled with 10 killers. Four teams, 3 rounds and the aim of not getting caught. It’s an experience filled with tension and adrenaline.


Some new some returning, the shows at Horrorland are numerous and unique. You could spend the whole evening enjoying the entertainment.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary we find anniVersarium, a moving show that looks back on the history of Horrorland featuring loved characters from past seasons.

Another new show, and this one might be my favorite, is Warriorcs. It combines comedy, stunts and their new splash zone. Eventually, the orcs get killed and splash the audience with their blood!

The live musical Eternal Live, as well as the quiz show 1, 2, 3 Te Mato Otra Vez have returned this year! 

But it is the impressive closing ceremony Blood & Fire which steals the show once again. This year this final parade is the best iteration of the show. The team put a special effort on the fireworks finale as they’re debutting their silent pyrotechnics! Similar to the ones at Disneyland Paris, they managed to reach a hight of 30 meters, which leaves all guests with their jaws on the floor while respecting the surrounding neighbours and animals. I can’t think of a better end of the day.

Other marvelous additions are the Sustomatón (which is roughly translated to ScareBooth). Small booths where a terrifying photo is taken! Here’s my photo evidence hahah The truth is that it’s a great and unique souvenir that can be purchased individually for less than €4 or with a unlimited digital photo service for €18.

If we talk about food, there’s a new frozen youghurt themed to Mortimer, the park’s mascot, as well as a new anniversary burger with black bread, Angus meat, cured ham, brie cheese, caramelized onion, tomato jam and rocket 😋 €15.90 with fries and a drink.

As you can see, there are a lot of experiences to check out through the night. With +6 hours of opening time, Horrorland already has enough on offer to provide a complete chilling evening!

I can’t recommend Horrorland enough. If you’re in Spain or near Barcelona, this is the Halloween event to check out!

Horrorland is open on selected nights in October and November. Tickets start from €42 for a basic ticket, €72 for a Fast Pass ticket and €135 for a VIP ticket, and can be purchased through their website.

I want to thank Didac and all the team at Horrorland for their hard work and hospitality!

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