Parque Warner Madrid and the Quest for Night Rides!

With the Halloween season in full swing, theme parks around the world are putting on thrilling haunts and running their attractions well into the wee hours of the morning. While most guests are there to enjoy the unique haunted houses, scare zones, and live entertainment, it’s also a great opportunity to get night rides on coasters! Join us for a night at Parque Warners Madrid’s Halloween Scary Nights as we enjoy some of Europe’s best coasters in the dead of night.

We showed up at Parque Warner around 10:30pm – plenty of time for rides as the park is open until 5am!

The park is looking great – neon lights glow as you’re welcomed into Spain’s very own little Hollywood.

Guests were lined up for the Halloween parade as we entered the park. We decided to stay and watch before our first rides.

The parade was cute and some of the floats were surprisingly impressive. Looney Tunes characters in halloween costumes were joined by the Justice League, various dancers, and horror icon Freddy Kruger.

First ride of the night was our beloved Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang, Stunt Fall. Thanks to the focus on haunted houses, lines for rides were relatively short.

Next we made a bee line to Parque Warner’s newest and biggest star, Batman: Gotham City Escape.

Following our rides in June, our key motivations to attend Halloween Scary Nights was to get some highly coveted night rides on this exquisite Intamin LSM multi launch coaster.

As expected, night rides on this beast are truly sublime. Batman: Gotham City Escape could arguably be the best coaster in the world right now – the theming, layout, atmosphere, and rider comfort are all top notch. We like to think it combines the aggressive intensity of Maverick with the comfort, creativity, and immersion of Velocicoaster.

A major scene stealer of the night ended up being Coaster Express, which has become remarkably smooth since its last retrack. We enjoyed three rides on this surprising gentle giant without having to leave our seats!

The B&M coasters of Parque Warner also gave reliably strong rides. Shadows of Arkham (formerly Batman la Fuga) uses its extensive queue as a haunted house of escaped mental patients. Very clever.

Enjoyed more rides on Stunt Fall and Gotham City Escape throughout the night, as well as a ride on Parque Warner’s iconic 300ft S&S Combo Tower, La Venganza del Enigma (Riddler’s Revenge).

By 4am it was time for us to call it a night, but what a night it was! It had started raining before our final ride on Batman: Gotham City Escape, which gave us a wet and wild ride we won’t soon forget!

If you’re a fan of Halloween haunts, definitely put Parque Warner on your list – they have haunted houses themed to Annabelle, IT, and Batman villains (and many more), scare zones themed to zombies, the wild west, and The Joker’s minions; multiple live entertainment offerings, and so much more! Even if you’re just there to ride roller coasters until 5am, Halloween Scary Nights is well worth the price of admission.

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