Walibi Belgium – Mega Coaster Construction – July 2020

Sven: After our visit to Plopsaland earlier this month, we also had to visit the other Belgian park that’s building a big new coaster for 2021: Walibi Belgium! There is quite a big difference between the two construction sites so you’ll definitely want to see these pics!

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Let’s get right into it. We walked straight to Exotic World at the back of the park. On one hand we had our first ride of the day here: Tiki-Waka. But in the back, big steel going up!

The highest coaster in Belgium and the Netherlands gets built as you’re reading this! So far, a yet unnamed Mega coaster by Intamin. The entrance will be right in between the shooting dark ride Challenge of Tutankhamon and the Octopus ride. They’re building a new square with a restaurant, a kiddie ride (that will be moved from the other side of the park to here) and of course the Mega coaster!

The basic structure of the station is up, plus the final brake run track got installed earlier this month. Now, they keep building on the lifthill.

And below, the first track section of the drop got installed too!

It’s quite cool how fast things are going up. Eventhough most construction sites close down for two weeks during this period of time in Belgium, they continue without a problem here. This multi-sided support was ready to go up on the lifthill section.

This isn’t the only side of the coaster construction where they are working on, but before we jump to that, let’s enjoy some nice views of Tiki-Waka. Thanks to one of the hottest days of the summer yet, it felt exotic for sure. 

I couldn’t resist taking a shot of the favorite Walibi Belgium ride of our ECK writer Alex: Salsa Y Fiesta!

Covid-19 measures were similar again to the other parks in Belgium (distance rules, disinfecting hands before riding…). They originally had a one direction flow but that got scratched and now you have a general rule: “Keep right”. Face masks were only required in queues and on rides or while you queue for food and in merch stores. Some of the queues weren’t that well adapted though like the one of log flume Flash Back. Weird because other queues did get adapted like Radja River where they moved the exit path away from the boarding queue. Guests at Walibi Belgium aren’t the best to follow the measures unfortunately… Especially on keeping the distance in line. On the plus side, the park sells 6 different masks designs with 2 designs already sold out! My favorite: Loup-Garou!

The park also announced that their 5 year makeover plan got extended from 2023 to 2025. The area below will be turned into a New Orleans square. There use to be a large pavilion in the middle here but it almost fell apart so fortunately they removed it. Next to that, the 4D cinema got a new movie as they pretty much removed the former music theme out of the park. They have a new design of the iconic kangaroo parc mascot but it was nowhere to be seen.

Still struggling sometimes with technical issues but one of the best rides at the park: Pulsar. Perfect in this kind of weather and luckily it was running with two boats (as it should). You start to hear quite some rattle but while riding, you don’t feel it that much.

Here in Fun World, it’s your final chance to ride Stunt Flight in this area of the park. Next year, it will be moved right next to the Mega coaster to offer something for the smaller kids to ride too.

As I mentioned before, the lifthill of the Mega isn’t the only construction going up. There’s also the Non-Inverting Cobra Roll!

Although the original concept art showed red track, they chose for dark green with black supports in the end. This will make the coaster blend in nicely with the green of the park. Have to admit that I love it!

Compared to Plopsa, they are thus far ahead and there’s loads of track waiting to be installed.

Here’s a view from another side near the entrance of Exotic World. How cool is that support? Honestly I got so excited for this ride seeing all this.  

Although this element’s construction is not complete yet, I don’t think there will be much left to do by the end of the summer on this side if they continue at this rate. (Please keep calm, Corona!)

And with that, we end our Walibi report. As excited as we are about this ride? Feel free to share this post with your friends! Also, check out all our other recent coverage:

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